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Introduction: Ash Ketchum - Pokemon Costume

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Materials- what I used and where I got it or you can get it

2 -button down shirts (one blue- sleeve length doesn't matter , one white short sleeved) (thrift shop or your closet)
Yellow double fold quilt binding 7/8" wide (sewing or craft shop)
Red and white trucker hat (ebay)
Backpack (thrift shop or your closet)
Green medium booksox (office supply or dollar store)
Lt. green gardening gloves (hardware or dollar store)
8" Pikachu (ebay, thrift shop or your closet)
Green acrylic paint (craft or dollar store)
Logo stencil (logo printed on cardstock and cut out with an xacto knife) (copy center for 1 piece of cardstock)
Foam brush (craft or dollar store)
Thin carboard (2"x2" piece) (anywhere)
Pencil ( you should own one)
A US quarter( you should own one)
Needle,pins, thread and / or sewing machine. (craft or dollar store)
Scissors(you should own one)
Eyeliner (optional)
Pokeball (Many say never optional) (you should own one, ebay or thrift shop)

Cut the collar and sleeves off the white shirt, leave excess on it for sewing. Carefully cut the collar and sleeves off the blue shirt,get as close as you can to the edge, set aside, you'll need it later. Turn the blue shirt and the white sleeves and  collar inside out. Pin the sleeves and collar to the shirt. Sew them on! Make sure the bottom of the shirt is straight and not curved. If curved, cut straight. Using the yellow double fold quilt binding, trim the bottom, pin and sew.  Cut 2 - 5 inch pieces and pin and sew at angle on each side on the front . Grab that blue sleeve scrap, cut a 1 1/2" x 3"  piece, pin and sew it under right side of collar. Using the pencil trace the quarter on to the cardboard. Using the scissor, cut out the circle. Unfold a 2 inch piece of the quilt binding wrap it around the cardboard and sew to make a button. Sew the button on to the blue tab under the collar.

Get the logo on the internet, do an image search. Print the logo onto the cardstock, cut a stencil out of cardstock. Put the stencil on the hat, stipple the green paint with foam brush, build up the color. Remove stencil.

Cut the fingers off the green gardening gloves. Using the booksox, make a pair of fingerless gloves. Use the sewn edge, cut a 4" x 4" piece, sew the side (should be a pouch), cut slits for finger holes and slip onto the gardening gloves while you are wearing them.

Sew Pikachu onto backpack by his bottom, ear and tail.

Optional - Anime expression lines   - Use eyeliner and draw sideways lightning bolts in under eyes at cheekbones.

Grab your Pokeball and go!!!!



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Sounds like a cool idea, I'll look into it!

Thanks for the guide, i am planning to dress like pokemon therefore its gone helpful for me. i have done my almost shopping from amazon ,i bought beautiful pokemon plush keychain for office use. you may buy this From

1 reply

If i had any kind of craftsmanship i would totally make this and wear it while playing pokemon go! Looks amazing!

1 reply

i was also ash but i used a pikachu kanji mask to really bring the look together , i want poke balls i can clip to my belt but i can't seem to find any :// also would love to have all 8 kanto region badges

1 reply

Looks great!!! The extra touches you want to add will really make it stand out!

making this for my 6-year old for Halloween this year! I found the Ash hat already with the logo on it for less than $5 on eBay. FYI for future peeps who wanna be Ash!

1 reply

That's awesome!!! Thanks for the heads up on the hat!

I'm DEFINITELY making this!! It'll be my first cosplay, and I plan on making a Fem!Ash Ketchum cosplay right after this !! thank you so much for this, I'll comment the finishing results when I'm done ^-^

1 reply

That's awesome! Can't wait to see!

I am so doing this! I now know my next Halloween/everyday wear project Lolz!

2 replies

Awesome!! Please comment with a pic of your finished costume when you make it.

Sure thing! It'll go great with my Latias coming from the home country of Pokemon! (Japan)

I'll have to get Pikachu though. xD

Probably the best instructions I could find thanks a lot

1 reply

Glad to be of help!!

Just made this will post pic later. My wife went as Squirtle and I went as Ash. Only thing I did different was that I didn't cut off the white sleeves and collar and sew on. I just hot-glued the two shirts together with the entire white shirt underneath. Definitely a short cut, but it works!

1 reply

Awesome! Can't wait to see it!!!

I made it, but it wont let me post a picture comment ...
Thanks for the tutorial!! Made it super easy !

1 reply

Yay!!! Hope they enjoyed it! Umm, see if you can add an image in a reply. I'd love to see your results!