Picture of Ash Ketchum - Pokemon costume
Materials- what I used and where I got it or you can get it

2 -button down shirts (one blue- sleeve length doesn't matter , one white short sleeved) (thrift shop or your closet)
Yellow double fold quilt binding 7/8" wide (sewing or craft shop)
Red and white trucker hat (ebay)
Backpack (thrift shop or your closet)
Green medium booksox (office supply or dollar store)
Lt. green gardening gloves (hardware or dollar store)
8" Pikachu (ebay, thrift shop or your closet)
Green acrylic paint (craft or dollar store)
Logo stencil (logo printed on cardstock and cut out with an xacto knife) (copy center for 1 piece of cardstock)
Foam brush (craft or dollar store)
Thin carboard (2"x2" piece) (anywhere)
Pencil ( you should own one)
A US quarter( you should own one)
Needle,pins, thread and / or sewing machine. (craft or dollar store)
Scissors(you should own one)
Eyeliner (optional)
Pokeball (Many say never optional) (you should own one, ebay or thrift shop)

Cut the collar and sleeves off the white shirt, leave excess on it for sewing. Carefully cut the collar and sleeves off the blue shirt,get as close as you can to the edge, set aside, you'll need it later. Turn the blue shirt and the white sleeves and  collar inside out. Pin the sleeves and collar to the shirt. Sew them on! Make sure the bottom of the shirt is straight and not curved. If curved, cut straight. Using the yellow double fold quilt binding, trim the bottom, pin and sew.  Cut 2 - 5 inch pieces and pin and sew at angle on each side on the front . Grab that blue sleeve scrap, cut a 1 1/2" x 3"  piece, pin and sew it under right side of collar. Using the pencil trace the quarter on to the cardboard. Using the scissor, cut out the circle. Unfold a 2 inch piece of the quilt binding wrap it around the cardboard and sew to make a button. Sew the button on to the blue tab under the collar.

Get the logo on the internet, do an image search. Print the logo onto the cardstock, cut a stencil out of cardstock. Put the stencil on the hat, stipple the green paint with foam brush, build up the color. Remove stencil.

Cut the fingers off the green gardening gloves. Using the booksox, make a pair of fingerless gloves. Use the sewn edge, cut a 4" x 4" piece, sew the side (should be a pouch), cut slits for finger holes and slip onto the gardening gloves while you are wearing them.

Sew Pikachu onto backpack by his bottom, ear and tail.

Optional - Anime expression lines   - Use eyeliner and draw sideways lightning bolts in under eyes at cheekbones.

Grab your Pokeball and go!!!!
KLAM1210 days ago

I googled trainer red costume ABS I G0T ASH ALL OVER THE PLACE THAT MEKES ME SOOOO MAD >:(

KLAM12 KLAM1210 days ago



Thanks!! Post a pic if you make one!!!

thatoneloser8 months ago

I would seriously buy this from you if i could- it looks so casual, less like a costume and more like "oh that looks familiar" (if you were only wearing the shirt of course)
I wish i had the patience/skill to even complete this simple project. Very cool!

pizzidave (author)  thatoneloser8 months ago

Thanks for the comment! This costume and instructable has brought many people joy. Hopefully you'll get inspired to complete it in the future and if you do, post a pic.

ptierney110 months ago
An inspiring how-to, thanks! When my son wanted to be Pikachu, I knew I had to be Ash. This was the perfect answer. I used green wool gloves with felt highlight, but otherwise the same! Well, except for the eyes... 0.0
pizzidave (author)  ptierney110 months ago
Awesome!!! Glad to be of help.
Awesome! My older brother wants me to make him an Ash jacket for a you tube clip and this is perfect. Thanks! :)
pizzidave (author)  jschwippert1 year ago
Cool! Please post a link of the clip, I'd like to see how it turns out.
ch4ng1 year ago
Thanks for the clear instructions. Made recreating this a breeze!
pizzidave (author)  ch4ng1 year ago
Glad I could be of help! Hope you're having fun with the costume.
karenf391 year ago
Your instructions on how to make this costume are awesome. I made one for my adult son to wear to a Halloween party and I couldn't have asked for clearer guidance, Your idea to use the double fold quilt binding for the trim was genius. You saved me a lot of money and a lot of time. Thank you.
photo (1).JPG
pizzidave (author)  karenf391 year ago
Glad to be of help. I hope he enjoyed it.
This is something I've been meaning to do for my brother for a while-it's become kind of a joke that he both looks like and shares a birthday with the man himself.

If you every saw a picture of him...
piezkool2 years ago
Awesome! My older brother wants me to make him an Ash jacket for Halloween and this is perfect. Thanks!
pizzidave (author)  piezkool2 years ago
Glad I could help!
love it!!! i want to try to make it for my little brother when Halloween comes around! 5stars
pizzidave (author)  lovely_jessye3 years ago
Awesome!, I'm sure he'll love it, I made it for a family friend.
wilgubeast3 years ago
That looks great. Could have been a still from the live-action Pokemon film that was never released.
pizzidave (author)  wilgubeast3 years ago
=) thanks!!