How do you serve many people for a party? An example is a wedding and you haven't enough time and money. Ash-e-Reshte is the best food for this! ("Ash" means potage and "Reshte" means noodles). Delicious , fast and cheap!
This is a Persian food, we usually eat this food instead of dessert. It's a famous and delicious Persian food you can make any time . In our city everybody likes this food and I think if you try it , you will definitely want to make it again!

Ingredients :
  • 1.5 kg vegetables : coriander , spinach , leek , dill , parsley , spearmint
  • Reshte : a pack (You can buy from Persian/Turkish/Arabic shops)
  • Onion
  • Pea : a cup
  • Lentil : a cup
  • Bean : a cup
  • Kashk : 700g - 1kg
Also you can see a quick movie with the steps in the picture below. (Picture2-gif)

Step 1: Pea , Lentil , Bean

First wet the pea , lentil and bean in a dish for 24 hours .
Next day put them in a pot and cook in low heat for one hour . They are ready , when they become soft .
Then put them in a dish for next .

Step 2: Get Ready the Vegetables

Chop the spearmint and onion .
Now put the total of vegetables in a pan and cook them . For bridle from sticky you can add a few liquid oil . Rile them numerous with a wooden spoon .

Step 3: More or Less ?!

May be this picture mislead you ! How much you need ? If you need less you can make this food in a small pot or if you need more food you can make it in a big pot . If less , you should use a few water and counter.
Now add water in to a pan and put it on heat . After the water get boiling , add vegetables to it .

Step 4: Add the Others

After 20 minutes , add the pea , lentil and bean to the pot . First add a few of them in to the pot and after a few seconds add more and total of them . This work help to admix the ingredients better .

Step 5: Add the Noodles

Chop the noodles in a dish and add them to the pot .
Remember you shouldn't chop the noodles small . Only chop the big noodles to average size .

Step 6: The Curd

If you don't use packaged curd , you should boil it before using . After boiling , wait until the curd get cool . Then put them to a small receptacle . When you share the food , anybody like curd , can add it .

Step 7: Share !

Put the food in small place and add a few curd on them , no more ! Place a few ripe and splintery onion on the external face . Also you can add a few dill and spearmint for better smell .
Share the "Ash-e-Reshte" and enjoy !

There seems to be some misunderstanding, Seeming as i'm iranian/persian i feel like its my duty to step in and and resolve this confusion...<br> <br> The 'curd' his talking about is called <strong><a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kashk">Kahsk</a>, </strong>although this is a specialltiy ingredient, you don't&nbsp;necessarily need to buy this from a <em>iranian</em> shop, any middle eastern shop (such as turkish, Arabic) will do<br> <br> <br> Also DO NOT use sour cream, or any cream for that matter, it won't ruin it but it won't taste good at all.<br> <br> <br> also with the confusion of noodles:<br> <br> 'pottage fiber' is callled reshte, it pretty much as too be purchased from the stores metioned above, pasta or noodles, don't really do it.<br> <br> if you really need to use noodles, use medium egg noodles.<br> <br> hope this helps, feel free to ask futher questions!
Thanks a lot really ! I change a few words in this instructable . Your notifications were helpful for me . <br><br>Where I use sour cream word ? I think you see this word before my editing . Now I can't find that word .<br>Also I change the pottage fiber and noddles to Reshte . <br>And other were helpful .<br>Yes , they help for feel free to ask further questions !<br>Thanks again !
<p>Ajab Ashi Shod</p><p>mamnoon az in post mofid</p>
nice.....خیلی کیف کردیم
Nicely done instructable, It makes me want to make the recipe. But I need a little more information. 1)&quot;Peas&quot;- are chickpeas (garbanzo beans) not split peas? 2) &quot;Beans&quot;- are they a specific kind or can I use any dried red bean? 3) In the picture of step3 there is a hand with orange &quot;dried vegetables&quot;-What kind are they because I can't find them in the ingredient list. <br>Note: I did find the Rashte and the Kashk at an online at efooddepot.com it was the only place that I found both items (I hope they are good). Because I live in a very small town this is probably where I'll have to get the supplies.
It's great to learn about different culture. Nice instructable.
still not completely understanding &quot;pottage fiber&quot; and &quot;curd&quot; <br>what exactly are they and do they need to be bought at persian specific stores? <br>very curious to know, i'm a cook by proffession
Yes , you should buy &quot;pottage fiber&quot; from Persian shops . Also you can use noodles instead that . <br>Curd is dense yogurt . Also you can buy it from Persian shop . It isn't very important for you . You can don't use it . As you like !<br>
substitution of &quot;sour cream&quot; for those of us more than 50 miles from a Persian Shop? Round these parts, we have only Generic(American), Indian, Asian, and Mexican stores. Or is sour cream too thick, with crema fresca being a better choice?<br><br>What sort of &quot;fiber&quot; noodle replacement are we looking for? Spaghetti, Udon, Angle hair, egg noodle, ramen?
world healthy food - india's lentil bean
This looks really tasty. In step 5 are you adding noodles, is that what you mean by fiber?
Pottage fiber is different . I know you can't find that fiber in US . So I change the word to noodles ! Noodles haven't different taste and you can use it instead pottage fiber . <br>Thanks for your notification !
There are some Persian stores around where I live, maybe I can find some there.Thanks.
Wow, that looks like some really yummy food! It's great to see food from all over the world on instructables...<br><br>If you want some help with translations in your instructable, I and others would be happy to help, just post in this forum:<br>https://www.instructables.com/community?categoryGroup=forums&amp;category=esl
Thanks a lot !<br> I send you a message about this subject *

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