Picture of Ashtray iPhone/iPod Dock
Convenient iPhone/ipod connection built into your ashtray!

Beginner - intermediate

Tools required.
Xacto blade

1x Car stereo with USB connection.
1x USB - ipod cable.
Liquid nails/strong adhesive.
Scrap sheet plastic.
Old iPod dock connector

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Step 1: Cut plastic base

Picture of Cut plastic base
Using an xacto knife,
Score and snap the plastic to fit within the ashtray.

Using a Drill / x-acto / dremel
Cut an opening for the iPod dock to fit in.

Step 2: Test fit

Picture of Test fit
Quick test fit of all the components together

Step 3: Glue components together

Picture of Glue components together
Take the plastic base, iPod dock, and USB cable.

Glue it together.

Step 4: Hole for USB cable pass through

Picture of Hole for USB cable pass through
Enlarge a hole on the side/bottom of ashtray (hidden) for the USB cable to pass through.

Step 5: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
EDIT P1140210.jpg
Feed the USB cable through the enlarged hole.
Glue plastic base assembly to the ashtray.

Step 6: Back to the car

Picture of Back to the car
Run the USB cable under the console towards the rear of the deck plug it in.

Insert assembly into the console.

Plug in your iPhone/iPod!

Scroll through playlists and charge your phone at the same time!

zachywan3 years ago
Awesome project! I see it's in an E30 ;) I was just planning to install a new stereo in my '89 bimmer so this is perfect!