Picture of Ashtray iPhone/iPod Dock
Convenient iPhone/ipod connection built into your ashtray!

Beginner - intermediate

Tools required.
Xacto blade

1x Car stereo with USB connection.
1x USB - ipod cable.
Liquid nails/strong adhesive.
Scrap sheet plastic.
Old iPod dock connector

Step 2: Test fit

Picture of Test fit
Quick test fit of all the components together

Step 6: Back to the car

Run the USB cable under the console towards the rear of the deck plug it in.

Insert assembly into the console.

Plug in your iPhone/iPod!

Scroll through playlists and charge your phone at the same time!

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zachywan2 years ago
Awesome project! I see it's in an E30 ;) I was just planning to install a new stereo in my '89 bimmer so this is perfect!