Introduction: Asian Inspired Satin Dress for Less Than $10.

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I lucked out and found this fabric on sale at the local JoAnne's Crafts  & Fabrics at $2.50/yard.  I bought a couple of yards.  I used Simplicity pattern 2360.  I also made the belt with the buckle bought at the same store and a yard of 1" elastic.  The pleating sets this apart from anything I've ever worn or bought at a store.  That's the best part of sewing.  You can make something totally "yours" without breaking the bank if you just put a bit of time.

Plus...this was an easy pattern.  A novice can do this.  I hope you like it.


jhale8 (author)2011-12-05

That's really impressive that you made that! I think asian fashion clothing is a hard style to design in. I really liked the pleating on the shoulders, nice touch there.

aimeee (author)jhale82011-12-07

Thank you. Sorry this doesn't have any true instructions. I'm glad you appreciated the pleated collar I thought it was a unique touch.

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