A favorite webshow is Ask an Engineer hosted by Phil Torrone and Limor "Ladyada" Fried of Adafruit. It's a weekly windup of maker world happenings, news, products and projects.   Although the primary focus is on electronics, it showcases itself as a premier resource and business in the maker community.  And it looks like they have fun at it...the reason this art imitates life.

Adafruit has the spirit of empowering everyone, especially young people into the field of electronics and computing.  Their new webseries Circuit Playground is aimed at kids of all ages but hopefully it will also encourage more girls to be more representative in electrical engineering. So here is my mashup of Powerpuff Girls and Adafruit.  I used to watch the cartoon with Caitlin when she was younger and it was something to spark the imagination(mad scientist dad, you know). Besides, Mojo JoJo was fun to say.

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fabric. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is, well, purely intentional.

Make TW the LED puppet too!

Step 1: Searching for Stuff...

This ible was made up as I went along.  I guess the lesson is you should plan out things and maybe even have a set of plans or diagrams.

Rummage through and see what material you have on hand.

The puppets are made from scraps of fleece, felt, and electronics.

You will need something to stuff the puppet.  I had a bag of polyester fiberfill.

Learn how to sew and solder.  Do it safely.

Yes, you could do all the sewing by hand but a sewing machine makes it a whole lot easier and faster. Better yet if you have a serger.   I think a serger is a good tool to have if you are prototyping things that are sewn.
Amazing likenesses! And you managed to capture Limor's eyes <i>exactly</i>.

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