Step 2: How to get those roofing nails out!

Now that the leak point has been found (hopefully),  a couple of shingles will have to be removed.

To remove them, reach under them with a pry bar until you encounter the nails.
Not too hard with a newer roof. But with an old roof and bad shingles, another story. I ended up tearing away portions of the old flimsy shingles to get to the nails. Why not, they are going into the trash anyway.

Two problems with removing the nails, not mentioned elsewhere:

     Often they are driven really deep into the shingle, since the roofers use pneumatic driven nailers. Not easy to get your nail puller under. So I went into the attic, under the roof work area, and found the roofing nails protruding about 1/4". On my target shingles, I drove the nails out, so they were easy to find and remove back on the roof. Be sure to remove all the nails that drive out!

   It is really easy to tear the tarpaper underlayment when messing around with the sharp pry bar. All the more reason to tear away the old bad shingles first, so you see what you are doing.    
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Thanks, Nicole. <br><br>Yes, the trick actually helped me find the leaks. However, the source of the leak is not always where you see it coming out - the water can travel and trick you. <br><br>I will check out your blog.<br><br>Bill
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Thanks, Zemkarlos. I procrastinate a lot also, but once I start writing something, it just keeps going.<br><br>I know my repair was not up to professional standards, but after two VERY wet winters my garage is dry.<br>Bill
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Getting a wee bit cold there now, be careful. <br> <br>If you need any help as you get into the work, please let me know. Well, I meant advice, but anything (almost), please ask. <br> <br>Bill
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instead of tar paper, ice and water shield. its far more water resistant. also, covered in asphalt so you wouldnt have needed the gallon to fix holes.

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