Picture of Assassin's Creed Corky
If you're into Assassin's Creed, you probably recognize this Corky. It's Ezio Auditore, from Assassin's Creed 2. 
I put crammed as many details as I could into this Corky, trying to resemble Ezio as well as possible.
Here's how to make your 5cm assassin...
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Supplies and tools used:
  • Champagne cork
  • UHU All Purpose
  • Scissors
  • Small, sharp scissors
  • Metal cutting scissors
  • Brown thread
  • Small pins (without heads)
  • Permanent markers (black, gold, silver, and brown)
  • Felt tip pens (black and brown)
  • Pieces of Red and white fabric
  • Piece of brown leather
  • Thick aluminium foil (I got it from a metal food tray)
  • Cotton wool/ stuffing material

Step 2: Face

Picture of Face
As with all Corkies, do the face first. I tried to create a serious, Ezio style face. I left out the beard, afraid that it would turn out too dark. 

Step 3: Hood

Picture of Hood
This was the first time I've created a hood for a Corky, but it turned out fairly well. You'll need some sort of pocket or corner of a sack to make it. I got my pocket from an old pair of shorts, and the color, shape, and texture was perfect. You could, of course, sow it, but I don't have very much experience with that. 
To make the hood more puffy, glue some cotton wool or other stuffing material onto the head. Then glue on the hood, as shown in the pictures above (sorry, it's difficult to explain with words).

Step 4: Rest of the Clothes

Picture of Rest of the Clothes
Now for the collars. To get the red fabric to look like it has a gold pattern on it, I used a dry gold permanent marker.
Then, as you can see above, I glued all the parts for the collar on, but only applied glue to the bottom, so they can still be folded outwards. 
Again, it's much easier to explain visually with the descriptions on the photos than by writing everything down. Makes more sense.
Once you finish all the various parts of clothing, fold and glue down the collars.
Subdood5 months ago

that is adorably deadly.

Go kill templars with him!!
Nvm :P
-dami-1 year ago
That's adorable but I have got this cork... How can I do this?!
13 23:58.jpg13 23:58.jpg
How about you draw the face on paper and super-glue it to the cork?
sjroth (author)  -dami-1 year ago
Is there writing all around? If so, you'll have to use a craft knife to carve off a thin layer of cork to get rid of the writing, or paint over it. If it's blank on one side there shouldn't be a problem.
ElCubano1 year ago
This looks like Ezio from AC Brotherhood.
-dami-1 year ago
Please visit my instruction!!! And leave a comment!!!
-dami-1 year ago
Ok good idea
BMX_BOSS1 year ago
Way cool
The Rambler2 years ago
Ha! That's awesome! There is so much detail packed onto that one tiny little cork. I checked out your others as well. They're all very cool and well done.
sjroth (author)  The Rambler2 years ago
Thank you!
mrmerino2 years ago
That's adorable! I love it.
So cool! I love his cape, capes are so cool!
sjroth (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks! And don't worry, I'm making Link as soon as I get the fabric.
$COOLE$2 years ago
Haha so funny