Assassins Creed... Cool Game... 'nuff said.
My friend wanted to make an Ezio Costume for Halloween and needed this crucial piece made.
The buckle is ornate and pretty hard to make with drawing and carving on a piece of wood so he sketched it up on Illustrator.
I cut a piece of clear Acrylic to fit on the laser and had it done in an evening.

stuff needed:

Laser Cutter / Etcher
Acrylic Plexiglass
Silver acrylic paint
1/4" Plywood backing
Belt strap

Step 1: Graphic Design Setup

Ezio's buckle was drawn up by Ryan Patron in Adobe Illustrator.
Two layers were used - one for the etching or rastering, This will give us the details of the design slightly below the surface. The second is an outline or vector which will be where the actual cutting happens.
I used an Epilog Helix 45 watt laser.

The Illustrator file is attached. Thanks to Ryan for sharing his file.
<p>The file only has the outline. Do you have one with the detail too?</p>
<p>Excellent job. You should post a Dropbox link to the Illustrator file that you used so others may more easily reproduce this. </p>
<p>I attached the file for everyone to use - Thanks again to Ryan Patron for sharing the file he created.</p>
<p>wish i can afford it in hong kong</p>
very cool

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