Advise: This is not meant to be a weapon or used as one, this is only a style-project, sharp blades are not intended (and there won't be a howto for those) !!

Well, this is my first Howto and it's bout sumthin i always wanted to do and yet did in a more simple way. So, this is my scissor-hands v2.0, v1.0 will be marked, too. v1.0 uses fixed blades, v2.0 uses maneuverable blades.
As result of my character, i might be a lil bit confusing in this instructable, but i'm tryin to put in every information that is needed for each step, so first READ THE WHOLE STEP before realizin the instruction or you might be missin important information.
I'm German, not a native american, so if you find typing and grammar faults you can either keep em or tell me about.

I worked with several technics and skills i got from over the time, so be advised that it won't be easy, if you are not experienced with the tools, especially with a sewing machine. These sewings are lowest level as there are only straight step-lines to be made, but one has to know how to calibrate the machine, if you want the product to be stable, so in any case use sum testing material first, before you start over. And: you should be able to sew a straight step-line, say, no bows, cos we're workin quite dense here. 

Step 1: Material & Tools

What you need/what i used:
  (mark: this was my way doin it, if you got better ideas/modifications, cheers!)

=> Material

- black leather
- band steel (i bought sum from ebay, note: "normal" coil: 100m/~40€; V2A stainless coil 20m/~50€ - i used the normal one and lubricated it with machine oil; 0,5mm thickness is great)
- field rivets (5mm and 4mm)
- gromets 4mm inner diameter (i prefer the brass ones)
- sum machine oil, if you don't use stainless steel
- 1,5-2m leather band for lacing
- 5 pullsprings in different lengths
- 5 rings/eyelets/snaprings to sumhow attach the springs to the metal
- optional: sum piece of metal plate 0,5-1mm thickness

=> Tools:
- drill machine
- drills: 5mm, 4mm, (both for rivets/gromets), sum drills that are bigger than these sizes to get rid of the ridges)
- drill rig (allows you precise working and you wouldn't wanna work without)
- rough emery paper (i used 40s)
- small piece of wood (as underlay and for wrapping the emery paper aroung)
- measuring tape
- ruler
- set square
- hole punch
- pliers for field rivets
- pliers for gromets
- "normal" pliers (i use two sets, 2x2, of needle-nosed pliers and small universal pliers that i also commonly use for chainmaille technics)
- Cutter (to cut the leather)
- chalk (taylor supply; sumthin to draw on the leather)
- metal shears (i'm usin a common "figure scissors" (dunno the rite word) for the bandsteel, and a really heavy one for the metal plate as sawin would have taken too much time and energy)
- mallet
- punch mark
 - sewing machine and leather needles: reverse triangular; those needles are sharpened and cut holes in the leather while sewing; they come in heavier sizes than normal needles (90 is normal standard), i used a "100"-needle. Concernin the machine: if you have an old (mechanic) one, it's great, but don't start usin the modern digital, computer-supplied crap; they'll rather fuck up, when you try sewin leather with it.
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