Picture of Connor's Tomahawk AC3
This is made entirely out of wood. It is my first instructable so I hope you guys like it :)
I made this because I wasn't satisfied when the official replica came out - too flimsily and expensive.
Perfect for putting that finishing touch to your Connor cosplay or halloween costume :D

The only danger it poses is giving someone a head ache if hit - it's not sharp.
The only expense was the handle which was about $8 AU. The rest of the materials were found around the house.

Step 1:

agabpardo2 months ago


kylegilbert9 months ago

Well done. Really great job on the details here.

kylegilbert9 months ago

Well done. Really great job on the details here.


You did fantastic, I used foam mats for mine.

Dasen121 year ago

What would the measurements for the groove be and how did you cut it? Or was it just sanded down with the dremel?

EarthboundEmpire (author)  Dasen121 year ago

As in on the back part (pointy triangle bit) of the axe head?

The groove on the base where you slide the handle into.

EarthboundEmpire (author)  Dasen121 year ago

Oh right. I cut it to the size of the handle. Basically trial and error cutting. And I cut it with a dremel.


Dasen121 year ago

I'm trying to make this but I need the axe head and back tip measurements. If you could list the measurements for those two things that would be awesome.

EarthboundEmpire (author)  Dasen121 year ago

axe head: length 11cm, width 12cm. Axe head base: length 6cm, width 3.5cm. Back of axe head: length 6.5cm, width 3.5cm. Total length is 21cm

charles0081 year ago
Can you tell me the measurement of the axe head, axe base, and back of the axe head?
Kona-chan1 year ago
can you like hurt people with it?
overal very awesome!
EarthboundEmpire (author)  Kona-chan1 year ago
Well you could whack someone in the head and that would give them a nasty headache... and probably break the axe too. The edges will only be as sharp as you wish to make them :)
ah, ok just wanted to know xD
This is really cool. The finished product definitely looks Pro. I'd like to see your Ordon sword too when you finish it. I did one and posted it here, but I realized I missed some of the details and dissambled parts of it so I could improve it... it's still sitting half assembled next to my desk. One of these days.
EarthboundEmpire (author)  The Rambler1 year ago
I finally finished my sword. Here it is if you still wanted to see it. http://www.instructables.com/id/Ordon-Sword-from-Zelda-Twilight-Princess/
I was checking it out the other day. It's pretty sweet. That fuller really makes the difference! Now I really want to strip mine down and redo it.
woodpuppy1 year ago
Boy oh Girl! (I could have said boy OH boy) I think it is great what you thought up. I looks so real. One tip: Take a piece of wood, sand it, put some nicks and scrashes on it, spray it first with silver, Then take water-based black paint put it on a rag (piece of cloth) and rub the silver painted piece ontil you like the look. It gives you a very different look.
EarthboundEmpire (author)  woodpuppy1 year ago
Thanks for that tip, I think i'll try it with another one of my other projects :)
EarthboundEmpire (author) 1 year ago
You can definitely paint it if you don't have that colour. I would actually use a wood stain just because it looks more natural and it's not thick. As for the measurements, I would love to tell you but I'm away at the moment and won't be back for 2 weeks. But i'll try to get back to you when I do though.
Also, I want to get build the same thing using your instructable. Can you send me the measurements for the handle length, and tomahawk head measurements? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
Can you get that type of hammer handle in the U.S.? If not, should I paint a regular one dark brown?
nerd121 year ago
hmm, very nicely done indeed! Excellent model!
ArticAkita1 year ago
WOW! if you didn't read the instructable first you coulda sworn it was made of some kind of metal, you did a REAL good job! I am VERY impressed! I don't cosplay but I don't want to get whacked by your 'realistic' toy. :)
EarthboundEmpire (author) 1 year ago
Thanks so much you guys :D I'm actually in the process of making several other game props which include the master sword, ordon sword and Lara's icepick from tomb raider, just to name a few :)
Asamati981 year ago
wow that's pretty cool! I like all the detail you put into it. I actually made my own awhile back but used a high carbon steel but wasn't able to add all the details I would've liked to. anyways great job and you should think about making more replica things...
Go Repairs1 year ago
Cool, it looks better than the official one. :)
Wow, that is cool!
poofrabbit1 year ago
Very nicely done!
EarthboundEmpire (author)  poofrabbit1 year ago
Thanks! Much appreciated :)
EarthboundEmpire (author) 1 year ago
Yeah I would like to have made it from metal but I didn't have the resources.
I think it looks great as wood! Looks very much so like metal!
wow cool project. however I was disappointed when I saw it was just made of wood. still incredible though
Making the transition from wood to metal wouldn't be that hard. Just take a look at http://www.instructables.com/id/Foundry-Sand-Casting-Ramming-Tool/.