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Introduction: Assassins Creed Black Edition Cosplay

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My Assassins creed costume was made using:
leather: Cape, Greaves
suede: Pouches, Vest
stainless steel: Vest, metal cestus, Throwing knives
Cast aluminum: Belt Buckle, gauntlet and cape clips
silk: Tunics and belt sash
linen: White shirt
wooden toggles: Tunic Buttons 
and a lot of stainless rivets.

Total cost... about $800, was it worth it? Absolutely.



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    Great work! Best AC costume I've seen ever!

    Can you show us how to make it because it is the best one I have seen

    I would love to see the instructions for this as well. It is the best AC costume I have ever seen.

    I think you whole Assassin's cosplay cotumes are great but i think you are also need a long coat with a big hat(Assassin's Creed characters all have this kind of coat). I think you can prepare one: make it by yourself or buy one. I find one online cosplay stores and they have this king of Assassin's Creed costumes: M-cosplay and i think you can have a visit.

    I stared at that xiphoid for quite some time before realizing it was teenageher0 from Exotic Automatic. Awesome outfit, I can't remember if you posted the whole thing to EA or not.

    Ahahaha magnificent observation, I cant remember either. :D I have been pretty absent from Exotic Automatic for quite some time now that I think about it.

    That is the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

    Hey, I love it, but next time you should try to make it a bit cheaper(brotherhood,revelations). Well, I'm a kid, and I don't have that kinda money. Hey, That last photo in the star wars convention was cool.