Assassins Creed Bracer (Complete With [Beta] Hidden Blade and Armor Plates)





Introduction: Assassins Creed Bracer (Complete With [Beta] Hidden Blade and Armor Plates)

This is my first slideshow I've ever made, and I hope you enjoy it. I would make an actual instructable on this, but I didn't take the pictures until this project was aprox. 90% complete. I have tried to take the most detailed shots I can to try and give you the clearest picture on how this was made.

You may have a difficult time making the hidden blade. As far as I know there is no absolute right way to make one, its sort of a "to each his own" sort of thing. The most accurate way to go about it is to purchase a telescoping tai chi sword from a martial arts store/website, but these usually come at 25+ dollars. Besides I wanted to go for a more DIY approach, and mine may be one of the best ways to make it out of scrap materials. No Tai Chi sword. No cabinet sliders. Just two pens, a chopstick, sandpaper and tape.

The plates are also made of scrap material. If you have one of those cheap school binders, especially if the rings are broken, I highly suggest using them, the cardboard in them is pretty strong since it's not corrugated.

The gloves were old, and the fabric of the bracer was scrap, hotglued together (I can't sew).

Assassins Creed Is Property of Ubisoft.



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    Kool. I want to make a "hidden blade" glove where a pocket knife pops out and I can whittle. Do you mind if I modify your brilliant instructions?

    It seems the hidden blade is a little bit short.

    Dude. Please make an instructable. This is epic.

    i got 2 of those telescoping swords :D

    Awesome pen hack! How did you do it?


    lol wow. in reality you wouldn't have to for either one. just move your finger. in the game it was considered a "sacrifice" to the blade. some sort of assassins dedication. jeez people.

    no ever sacraficed a finger, that was a joke by leonardo :P