This is my updated hidden blade that functions a lot better. it is the Version 2 to my previous hidden blade. Remember to Rate, Comment, and Subscribe.
<p>pleas post me build</p>
<p>you should build my assassins creed cane sword!</p>
I like it, but one thing you need to fix is that the assembly on the end of the larger part of the &quot;blade&quot; sticks out too far when it's retracted, so you can't interact with other weapons. (such as a certain tomahawk XD)
Actually, I've messed around with the tomahawk while wearing the blade, and it's quite maneuverable. In a couple moments I'm going to post my updated hidden blade.
Cool! I don't mean to spam or anything, but check out my hidden blade!
Please post! This is one of the best looking Knex Hidden Blades on the Site! :)
I might, I have a modified version of this one though, and I'm making sure it is PERFECT. When I get some free time on my hands we'll see if I'll post.
Post please :(
This is awsome <br>
I would actually build this.
Very cool!
It's alright, but what do YOU think of it?
Actually, it's more than &quot;alright.&quot; It works beautifully. I love it, you should too. : )
O.K., I just wanted to hear your opinion on it. Does it work with long sleeve T-shirts? XD
Yes, but put the blade on first and then put on the long sleeved shirt or jacket.
Ah, I see.
Use a photo of the real thing as the top image, not an image you've taken off the web.
Use a photo of the real thing as the top image, not an image you've taken off the web.
cool, u gonna do a tutorial? <br>

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