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This is my updated hidden blade that functions a lot better. it is the Version 2 to my previous hidden blade. Remember to Rate, Comment, and Subscribe.


benjamin2006 (author)2015-10-06

pleas post me build

benjamin2006 (author)2015-09-29

you should build my assassins creed cane sword!

I like it, but one thing you need to fix is that the assembly on the end of the larger part of the "blade" sticks out too far when it's retracted, so you can't interact with other weapons. (such as a certain tomahawk XD)

Actually, I've messed around with the tomahawk while wearing the blade, and it's quite maneuverable. In a couple moments I'm going to post my updated hidden blade.

Cool! I don't mean to spam or anything, but check out my hidden blade!

The Cannoneer (author)2013-01-29

Please post! This is one of the best looking Knex Hidden Blades on the Site! :)

I might, I have a modified version of this one though, and I'm making sure it is PERFECT. When I get some free time on my hands we'll see if I'll post.

SomeAsianKid (author)2013-01-15

Post please :(

ttran-1 (author)2013-01-13

This is awsome

didexo (author)2013-01-05

I would actually build this.

sandroknexmaster (author)2012-12-30

Very cool!

It's alright, but what do YOU think of it?

Actually, it's more than "alright." It works beautifully. I love it, you should too. : )

O.K., I just wanted to hear your opinion on it. Does it work with long sleeve T-shirts? XD

Yes, but put the blade on first and then put on the long sleeved shirt or jacket.

TheAwesomestDude (author)2012-12-27


Kiteman (author)2012-12-27

Use a photo of the real thing as the top image, not an image you've taken off the web.

Kiteman (author)2012-12-27

Use a photo of the real thing as the top image, not an image you've taken off the web.

joey99 (author)2012-12-26

cool, u gonna do a tutorial?

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