My friends and I really got into Assassin's Creed, so we started making a lot of stuff inspired by our favorite hooded assassin. In this Instructable, I'll be going over how to make a hidden Nerf gun, perfect for both concealed takedowns and for always having one (or two!) extra shot in a Nerf war.

Step 1: Step 1: What You Need

The majority of this stuff is pretty inexpensive, and you can find most of the materials at a Lowe's or Home Depot (other than the Nerf gun, of course!):

Rivet Gun
Phillips Head Screwdriver
Hot Glue Gun (or other glue)
Rotary Tool (Dremel or similar)

Black Spray Paint (Optional, but highly recommended)
Tape (any kind that you can get paint on and remove)
4 1/8 Inch Rivets
8 Size 5 or 6 Flat Washers (5 is preferred, but harder to find)
4 Single Hole Pipe Clamps
Velcro Strap (the kind that comes in a loop like tape)
Nerf Secret Strike AS-1
<p>Dude, that's legit!</p><p>Great job man</p>
That looks so cool!☺
<p>pew pew :3</p>
It's a nerf nstrike secret strike as 1, took me a bit to find the model, doing a blow gun mod wanting to use the trigger and air tank on it, http://www.amazon.com/Hasbro-Nerf-N-Strike-Secret-Strike/dp/B002MRQHNI
Cool but how to shoot???
More like spiderman to me
<p>what type of nerf did you use?! <br></p>
you should mod this to be an airsoft gun (if you don't know how look up a tutorial on YouTube
This is like the hidden gun from brotherhood
But that gun is also from ac2
Also I'm just using my moms phone fiy
I just got done with brotherhood it was epic! You should also make a real hidden blade!
I'm confused on how to fire
Nice work
I just stared playing assassins creed and am working for money to get the gun
Added to my Assassin's Creed collection, assuming you don't mind of course. <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Assassins-Creed-7/
When grinding at her webbing, could you use sand paper to do the close work on the barrel?
to fire, would one simply hit where the button-trigger-whatever is with their other hand?
how about you make a button that shoots the dart to replace the pump thing
duuuuuude! thats awesome! the seniors at my school do the Nerf Assassins game, this, shall be my weapon! i should see if i could hook it up to a 12 gram co2 cartridge!
you should make one where the button is in between the gun and your wrist and you flex the muscles in your wrist to fire. that would be amazing.
now you should make the airsoft version
Where did u find the nerf gun
you can find them at target walmart and for sure ebay
are u selling to me or not <br>
are u interested in selling the one u made to me for a good price cause i have some probloms making mine reply me at u.badaru@live.com
no video *okay*<br>
Cool. How much money is the NERF gun you used?
it's only a couple of dollars if you are in the USA, but to get one in Europe it's a little harder.... :(
I don't think that matters it' s really cool
you forgot about ASSASINS CREED III, and the movie .

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