Hello Agent,
I see you are ready for your first mission. Your first mission will begin when you get a suitcase in exactly forty eight hundred hours. You will then have seven hours to intercept your target. Oh, and to save shipping expense we filled a suitcase with the parts you need to build your assassin suitcase. The suitcase you need is in a bunch of colorful parts in the suitcase you will recieve from a complete stranger. You will also get instructions for assembly that will self destruct in two hours after opened, but I know you're up to the job, good luck! 

Central Command

This is the Tech Department, hope you got the suitcase just fine. So you need to get this thing assembled so you can continue you mission. It's very reliable and perfect for your mission because of it's perfect concealment. No, you can't just pull out the gun, there is too many witnesses. Build this as we have, and we know you will have success.

Best of luck,

The Tech Department

Step 1: (Section A) the Base

Section A is the part that the entire suitcase is built off so make sure to follow the pitures carefully. You build three sections to form the base. Also included are some close-ups of pieces to be expecially carefully about.
Lol this is amazing
Nice,I tried to make an assasination breifcase for my mp5k once,sadly it didnt work out. Very nice concept though =D
Thanks! Before I get rid of this I'll fit it for a MP5K knexgun so I have the real deal.
Awesome,tell me how it works out =D
Will do. =)
Ok =D
Thanks for understanding!<br> <sub>Nerf gun out of knex coming soon</sub>
Nerf gun out of knex sounds interesting. =D
Oh yeah! I was suprised the shooting mech worked as well as it did. Just need to put it all together.
So did it work?
Well, to tell the truth I have started yet another nerf and knex related project.... I still have the suitcase as is so I will still do that. I also have to make three full ibles as of now so when I get my day off work that's what I'll focus on first. <br> <br>Don't worry I will put an mp5k in this before it goes away. I'll take pictures. =) <br>Sorry for taking so long!
ok =D
This is awesome. It looks like the ones used by the cia.
Thanks! I based the case off a real case that was used to conceal carry the MP5K.
Excellent, very creative! Nice quality Instructable too, hope this gets featured.
Yeah, I hope it gets featured too. Thanks!
Nice job bro. XD
Thanks! Next I'll fit this for a MP5K knex gun before I get rid of this.
WOW! Awesome job! I thought about making something like that, actually I'm building a regular full size briefcase out of knex. Once again, great job.
Thanks! Can't wait to see how your suitcase turns out.
Nice! Cool idea, good instructions, and as Sandro said, cool story to go along with =D
Thanks! I enjoyed making this ible'. <br> <br>&quot; Do not load Nerf Firearm while test firing, and seriously don't aim at your eyes or face, things tend to work then. &quot; Tech Department
No problem :D I understand you enjoyed it, and I haven't seen one like this (story) before :d
Nice, people would never know what hit them and nice story too<br/>
XD you used the joke great ible!
Thanks! =D
Very nice, cool story you invented :D
Thanks! I put some thought into it.

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