This is another of the many knex pistols. Pretty good range (between 20-25) and pretty accurate. This is my first instructable, so constructive criticism is welcome. if you have any modifications or suggestions, tell me.

Step 1: Barrel

Hardest step. Look at the pics.

1. side view
2. bottom view
3. top view
4. back view
5. front view

Step 2: Handle

Just look at the pics and (if needed) ask for help.

1. side view
2. front view
3. back view

Step 3: Ram Rod.

Piece o' cake! be sure to put some kind of shock absorber. I used a rubber band.

Step 4: Trigger

Pretty self-explanatory. just look at the pictures.

Step 5: Put It Together

Look at the pics.

1. attach the Handle to the Barrel.
2. attach the Trigger to the Barrel.
3. put the Ram Rod in and attach any sized Rubber Bands. I recommend #64 Rubber Bands.

YOUR DONE!!!!! :)

To Shoot: Pull back the Ram Rod. Insert the Bullet into the front of the Barrel. lift the orange connector on the barrel and let the bullet slide down the barrel a little more. Pull the trigger (DUH!!).
Good job for first Instructable! It looks great too
Ohhhhhhhh,I like it!I sub
Nice gun. I modified it's ram rod to pull back easier and I added a small scope. It looks just like a Desert Eagle... FIVE STARS!
you should post pics
5 stars but can you modify it so that the handle is a mag? that would be awsome
one of the best pistols ive seen on this site. features a very durable/solid frame. The handle and trigger in a comfortable position. Cool design as quick to build 5*'s
thanx. :)
is this your gun? no, it isn't.
actually, it is. If you don't believe me, well, I can't change that. Ever notice how Mango Man hasn't commented on hi stuff since forever ago? He got a new account. He's talking to you right now.
sorry; didn't know.
it's all cool. I'll be posting an assault rifle real soon. be sure to look into it.
will do.
it's posted. look for it.
I'd actually recommend two grey connectors with a green rod between them.
this is very hard
it shouldn't be that difficult. what's giving you troouble?
yeah, my account went beserk, so I had to get a new one.
GO TO <a rel="nofollow" href="http://knexinstructions.weebly.com/">http://knexinstructions.weebly.com/</a> its really cool!<br/>
i know
perfect handle for making it into a mag.
looks cool, but give it a mag
you could easily make the handle a mag, and by the way, it goes a lot further than 25ft.
pistols pistols pistols pistols every where pistols on the ground and pistols in the air! ah well at least they are true triggered
I have a rifle built that is pretty good. its single shot and uses Tomboyrme's true trigger. Tell me is you want me to post it.
dude, this gun is almost the same as Dsman's handgun
no no, it has many differences from my gun.
Can i use your handle/magazine for a mod? Just wondering...
yeah, it's pretty similar. although it doesn't have a magazine and doesn't fir as far.
I designed a magazine for it that uses the same ammo, which is better than a white rod. Tell me if you want me to post it.
Check out my gun <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Auto-Loading-Knex-GunPistol-with-9-Round-Magazine/">here</a>. It may give you an idea of how to put a magazine on this gun, if you want. :D<br/>
Thanks for that idea! I took apart my pistol, but now I might make it again with a magazine.
When you make the magazine don't make it shoot the gray connectors with green rods. The green rods push the green connector prongs up causind friction. Be sure to build a magazine like mine, it shoots single grays. Also you are welcome. :D
Nice gun but I have made this barrel before and it is a tight fit for the connector you use as ammo. This decreases its power. You should make the barrel bigger or use rods. Or, even better, you could use a long rod with a connector on the end to hold it in the gun at the very end of the barrel.
You would have to change the ammo, but I think my <a rel="nofollow" href="http://instructables.com/id/Knex-Magazine/">Magazine</a> would work on this.<br/>
I actually tried and ended up making a mediocre rifle. the magazine only holds five blue rods, it was worth a shot. (no pun intended) :)
It might. feel free to try it. if it does let me know and show me a picture.
Impressive. Although it's kind of simple it is a lot better than the block trigger guns that most people post for their first instructables.
5 stars, true trigger
thats good! 4.5/5! did you get the ammo from my gun? just wondering, it's fine if you didn't.
it is quite simple, so he could invent it ;p
yeah, i did. Your gun is really good , though! :)
ok, just wondering. thanks for telling me.
Now we need to make a mag for it......
this is very well done 5*s

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