Build your own high-current 3-axis stepper motor controller board for your DIY robot, DIY mill or mill conversion, DIY router or anything else that needs to move. This is a build-it-yourself kit from HobbyCNC.com.

Step 1: Inspect the Components

Open the kit and verify all parts are present. It is recommended to use an ohmmeter to verify the resistor values.

Good news. Thanks for the feedback. Can you share what method he used to figure it out?
Brian thanks for you expedite response to my problem..the model of my mot is : 23HS33-408D
Sorry, I did a google search, and found several vendors all with different wiring colors. If you are unable to get the schematic from the supplier, then you are left with having to figure it out yourself. No other way around it, I'm afraid.
Thanks to a relative who is an electrical engineer finally found out how to do the wiring and it is working
Replaced my y axis motor (8wires).but the new motor does not have a green wire , it has a purple wire..al the wires are the same color as the old motor but it does not work...any ideas? Thanks
<p>I would not assume (nor expect) that stepper motor vendors all use the same wire colors for the same functions. Even within a single vendor they might change.</p><p>Nevertheless, do you have a model number for the stepper, and, ideally a schematic?</p><p>If not, there are tricks to check what's what - and it's even here on instructables! Try it out and let us know!</p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Find-Bipolar-Stepper-Motor-Coil-Pairs/</p>
<p>Would that all kits come with such clear and precise instructions, nice work!</p>

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