In this tutorial, I'll step through how I assembled a laser cut living hinge box. My box stores 3x4" custom name badges from ProjectIcebreak, but yours can store all kinds of things! :-)

You'll need these supplies:

Step 1: Cut the Pieces

First download the files for this Flex Box project on Thingiverse and modify them as needed to suit your needs and laser cutter.

For my box, I modified the AI files in Adobe Illustrator so that my box would be smaller and have custom etching. I etched on both sides of the box cover, so I put my plywood through 2 runs on the laser cutter. If you'd like a smaller box, you can download my AI file from Thingiverse instead.

<p>this is beautiful. You should make one for business cards too.</p>
<p>Thank you! I probably will, as I have a need for a business card sized box as well. I will comment once I make that and have a file for that size.</p>

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Bio: I'm currently experimenting with hardware and woodworking projects at TechShop SF that help me to reduce anxiety.
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