Step 10: Install battery

Picture of Install battery
Connect the battery to the socket labeled "BATT" on the solar charger circuit. Then place the battery between the two circuits. If there's excess space, pad it using double-sided tape, a wad of paper, some chewing gum, large gob of ear wax, or other suitable materials.

Important note about Lithium Polymer batteries:

While safer than standard Lithium Ion batteries, Lithium Polymer batteries may be damaged and even combust if misused. To avoid damage and/or injury, observe the following precautions:

1. Only charge the battery using a Li-Ion/Li-Poly charger (such as the one included in the kit)
2. Never pierce or puncture the battery pack's aluminium casing
3. Do not short circuit the battery
4. Do not overheat the battery
5. If you notice any swelling in the battery pack, immediately disconnect if safe to do so, or otherwise move to a location where there are no flammable materials.