Step 5: DC Port Bezel

Picture of DC Port Bezel
Next we'll install the DC port bezel on the other end of the enclosure. The steps are similar to the USB port bezel:

Important: If your bezel says "L" and "R", you have a Beta kit. See the instructions here.

1. Make sure the enclosure is oriented as shown in the picture, with the 4 holes in the bottom plate up.
2. Without glue, try fitting the bezel. 
3. If it doesn't fit, sand down the edges until it does fit
4. Apply a drop of glue to the middle of the wall sections. Again, don't put glue on the corners to avoid gluing on the top and bottom plates!
5. Place the bezel with "A" and "B" facing out, and closer to the bamboo bottom plate.
DarkStarPDX3 years ago
I would probably use some painters tape on the bottom and top pieces so that when I glue in the USB and DC port panels, I guarantee I won't accidentally glue them to the top/bottom pieces. Once the glue is set, I could temporarily remove the top/bottom and remove the painters tape for a perfect fit.