This instructable on how to assemble and glue together a laser cut plywood box is written around the lasercut box craft kits I design and sell on Etsy. But the process is suitable for many wooden laser cut boxes with tabbed finger joint edges that are currently available on the web..

The boxes, in their component form are laser cut out onto 3mm thick plywood sheets, approx A4 in size, they have assembly instructions written onto the press out template that is shipped, but I thought it may be useful to provide a detailed step by step assembly tutorial as well.

Step 1: Components

Most boxes are made up of a base and four sides, plus a top and four top sides.

With my kit each plywood sheet has five components to press out, 5 for the top of the box, and 5 for the bottom.

<p>very nice </p>
i am already impressed with laser cutting technique, when i realized its use in multiple places, and this plywood box is impressive. more uses can be checked at yorkshirelaser.co.uk
<p>This looks amazing. It makes me really want to go out and get a laser cutter.</p>

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