Step by step assembly of the RS232 to TTL Serial Adapter kit from moderndevice.com.

This is a great option for connecting the Arduino or Arduino clone to a plain old serial port. It mates directly with the BBB or RBBB or the pins can be remapped to fit other devices.

Step 1: Resistors

Place the resistors in the R1 (10K, Brown Black Orange), R2 (22K, Red Red Orange), R3(180 Brown Grey Brown), R4(10K Brown Black Orange), R5 (10K Brown Black Orange) spots. Orientation doesn't matter.

Solder them in and clip the leads.
How would this go straight into the RBBB as that one has 6 pins and the serial adapter only 5:<br><br>RBBB adapter<br>GND Reset<br>CTS GND<br>VCC 5V<br>TXD RxD<br>RXD TxD<br>RTS<br>
Hey,<br /> Does this need to be bought from moderndevice or can we buy the components separately and make it.<br /> <br /> I'm concerned about the chip if it is programmed then i'll have to get it from moderndevice otherwise i can get everything seperately. <br /> <br /> Thanks<br />
No programming needed. This is a Hex Inverter 74HC04 <br /> Mouser part # 511-M74HC04<br /> <br /> The schematics can be found in the instruction sheet for the kit.<br />
which can be found here:<br>http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0038/9582/files/P34Man.pdf?1262632031<br>
Just want to point out that the newer version of this board connects to the six pin headers on the right side of the RBBB board<br />
Nice job. I have add a link to your instructable here: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.opencircuits.com/RS232#More_on_Level_Shifters">http://www.opencircuits.com/RS232#More_on_Level_Shifters</a> <br/>where there is more info. on this topic.<br/>

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