The Gov'nor - Assembling a path racer with a 1930's budget ...... an ongoing project journal..

Step 26: Finished.

Picture of Finished.
I sprayed the rims matt black and polished up my badge . . .  it's finished.

I can't stop riding  it . . . it makes me smile and rides like a dream.

TOTAL = £111.07


Yopladas2 years ago
WOW what a fantastic read! I loved ever minute of it, and though I entered this journal a skeptic, I grew more and more impressed at your persistence and resourcefulness. I was really worried some project-ending event would happen, but instead you pushed through and have a super fresh ride!

Do you think it's possible to take non-parallel handlebars, heat them and pack with sand, and bend them parallel?
FriendOfHumanity (author)  Yopladas2 years ago
Hello Yopladas,

Thank you for such nice comments; I do do appreciate them.

I have not ever bent handlebars before but I looked into it and thought about bending the straight ones that I had; but my bars ( and any straight bars)  did not seem long enough to bend into the result that I wanted.

I don't know if you saw it but there is a link in this Instructable somewhere to a guy who bent his own motorcycle handle bars ?

I've read elsewhere that heat is not needed for bicycle handlebars; I've also read that ice can be frozen in the bars instead of using sand ( but I'm dubious about that one.)

Forgive me if you know this, but alloy bars cannot be bent, only steel. ( I believe).

I went mad for a while about bars, choosing whether to but them or make them; then I went mad again deciding on North Road or Dutch style parallel.

It was a close call, especially as the Dutch bars come with their own stem and are inexpensive.

I may be rambling . . . but the short answer is; I have never done it but from what I have read, it is possible; but they may be too short for what you want to achieve.

Good Luck.