Step 26: Finished.

I sprayed the rims matt black and polished up my badge . . .  it's finished.

I can't stop riding  it . . . it makes me smile and rides like a dream.

TOTAL = £111.07
<p>Wonderful work. Really good job. I've got a classic Schwinn and I think it is time to banish mountain bikes. Thought about going on the </p><h3><a href="https://www.google.co.nz/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0ahUKEwjd8JXYm6LNAhXKKZQKHbjeBXoQFggcMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tweedrun.com%2F&usg=AFQjCNFFdN6Wtl7ZXbOzScU3P6ZQhCtU_Q&sig2=RQWQnkbIKUYEPrBy151vsQ&cad=rja" rel="nofollow">The Tweed Run - London</a></h3><p>www.<strong>tweedrun</strong>.com</p>
<p>Nothing wrong with MTBs, they have fuelled the current cycling boom. I dont want one but others do, and good luck to them</p>
<p>Great instructions, I've managed to pick up an old Pashley post office bike for &pound;15.50 (well 2 for &pound;31 from ebay, the other one will become a shopper bike for my 12 year old daughter) to do something similar with, a pretty heavy frame but other than the rack mounts looks very similar geometry to the Guv'nor. Really just needs new tyres, cables and the handlebars swapping so I managed it for &pound;50. That said I'll go over that as I'll get a proper respray</p>
<p>I plan on making a copy of 'The Gov'nor' my self in a few days.</p><p>Its is such a beautiful bike to look at, nice job!</p>
Love the idea! I was drooling over the Guvnor a couple of days ago, so seeing this happen would be marvelous! <br><br>I would think that some 32 mm tires would fit and still provide a nice ride.<br><br>There's a Sturmley Archer 3-speed hub collecting dust that I got for 5 USD, but it seems that you're in England. I wish I could get it there, since I'm not using it.<br>
Do you still have it?
<p>No, I got into mountain biking instead and sold it on Ebay.</p>
Hey Wasagi,<br> <br> Sorry for the delay in replying; there was an Instructables' bug that wouldn't let me open the reply box.<br> <br> That was a very nice thought concerning your hub but I now have a three speed hub brake finding it's way to me in the post.<br> <br> Yes, I think that 32's are about as large as I can go on the back . . . which is great because a guy at work has offered me a pair for nothing. . . it may not happen though.<br> <br> Kind Regards<br> FOH
Congratulations! I too am obsessed with the Pashley Gov'Nor.<br><br>I sold my old (black) Bianchi frame, sold a self-restored Takara, and then realised I could have, and should have, converted one into a fixie, and the other into a replica Pashley, or 1930's pathracer.<br><br>I love your sharing the process, though, had I caught you in time, may have recommended only trimming the 52t down into a chain-guard, but your end result looks cool&mdash;good job.<br><br>The main difference between the Gov'Nor and what we're converting is the geometry (obviously), and the slant that both the head tube and seat tube have, so I've chosen to convert my '96 Diamondback Zetec (MTB) into my cruiser until I can get my Pashley.<br><br>Thanks for YOUR inspiration!<br><br>Jon<br><br>Note:<br>The images uploaded are another beaUtiful bike,<br>&bull; Highnelly &quot;Irish Rover&quot;, $5,500!!!<br>&bull; Takara<br>&bull; Bianchi(s) not for converting.<br>&bull; Diamondback Zetec-convert.<br><br>Cheers! And again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!<br>
<p>Hey Jon,</p><p>Thanks for the comments . . . yes you are correct it is the lovely relaxed rake of the Gov'Nor that makes it so nice . . . cool photos. I like the Rover but the fork reinforcement looks a bit odd . . . good luck with your dream Pashley.</p><p>FOH</p>
roller brakes give you better braking on snow/mud, and the bicycle will look more minimalistic..
shimano nexus 3 system is a &quot;bit&quot; cheaper...
WOW what a fantastic read! I loved ever minute of it, and though I entered this journal a skeptic, I grew more and more impressed at your persistence and resourcefulness. I was really worried some project-ending event would happen, but instead you pushed through and have a super fresh ride! <br> <br>Do you think it's possible to take non-parallel handlebars, heat them and pack with sand, and bend them parallel?
Hello Yopladas,<br> <br> Thank you for such nice comments; I do do appreciate them.<br> <br> I have not ever bent handlebars before but I looked into it and thought about bending the straight ones that I had; but my bars ( and any straight bars) &nbsp;did not seem long enough to bend into the result that I wanted.<br> <br> I don't know if you saw it but there is a link in this Instructable somewhere to a guy who bent his own motorcycle handle bars ?<br> <br> I've read elsewhere that heat is not needed for bicycle handlebars; I've also read that ice can be frozen in the bars instead of using sand ( but I'm dubious about that one.)<br> <br> Forgive me if you know this, but alloy bars cannot be bent, only steel. ( I believe).<br> <br> I went mad for a while about bars, choosing whether to but them or make them; then I went mad again deciding on North Road or Dutch style parallel.<br> <br> It was a close call, especially as the Dutch bars come with their own stem and are inexpensive.<br> <a href="http://www.dutchbikebits.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=37&product_id=86" rel="nofollow">http://www.dutchbikebits.com/index.php?route=product/product&amp;path=37&amp;product_id=86</a><br> <br> <br> I may be rambling . . . but the short answer is; I have never done it but from what I have read, it is possible; but they may be too short for what you want to achieve.<br> <br> Good Luck.<br> <br> FOH
thats a realy handsome bike you made. excellent instructable.
Thank you Wavey Davey . . . I'm just about to go out for another ride.
is that a campagnolo sheriff star hub?
Hello Sully,<br> <br> No, I'm afraid not; it's a little lower on the scale than that.<br> <br> The front hub is a Sturmey Archer X-FD and the rear is an X-RD3.<br> <br> From the angle of the photo, I can see the similarity though; the hubs that I am using have internal brakes.<br> <br> Kind Regards.
ah man! cool build man keep it up!
great instructable. do you think the sponging of paint would work with smoothrite? im currently writng an instructable of a tag along bike for my nephew and just have to paint it now. i might just give it a go. <br>
Hey Wavey Davey,<br> <br> I don't see why not but&nbsp;I must admit it's not to everyone's taste.<br> I told a pal about this project and he said,<br> 'Wel it sounds good, as long as you don't do one of your paint-jobs on it.'<br> <br> You did a very nice job on your folder by the way.<br> <br> FOH
I am looking foreward to seeing this instructable progress. It looks a great project and I like the anticipation of the real time reveal.
Thanks for the encouragement; it's lots of fun.&nbsp;<br> ( Sorry but there was a bug and I couldn't open the reply box &nbsp;until just now).

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