Picture of Assembling a r00tz parent badge
Welcome to the 2013 r00tz asylum parent / adult badge assembly page!

By the end of this you will have taught your parent to assemble their own badge.

Because even parents should know how to solder. 
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Step 1: Get your working area prepared

Picture of Get your working area prepared
As with any project you need the right tools...
  • soldering iron
  • parent's badge kit
  • side cutters
  • eye protection

Step 2: Make sure your badge kit is complete

Picture of Make sure your badge kit is complete
Your badge kit should contain...
  • one badge PCB
  • one RGB LED
  • one green LED
  • one IR Receiver
  • one capacitor
  • six resistors
  • two DIP sockets
  • two ATTINY85 - one with a white marker
You should also have a battery pack and a zip tie. 

Step 3: Check out the failures...

Picture of Check out the failures...
2013-07-25 21.04.06.jpg
I told you there were mistakes. Kinda awesome mistakes.


Step 4: Place the two DIP sockets

Picture of Place the two DIP sockets
2013-07-25 21.12.15.jpg
2013-07-25 21.15.26.jpg
Be sure to have the notches in the correct orientation! 

Solder all 16 points.

Step 5: Place the capacitor

Picture of Place the capacitor
2013-07-25 21.21.03.jpg
2013-07-25 21.21.08.jpg
2013-07-25 21.21.14.jpg
The capacitor goes in either way and you need to solder it and clip the leads using your side cutters.


Step 6: Install the 1K ohm, 2.2K ohm, 150 ohm and 100 ohm resistors

Picture of Install the 1K ohm, 2.2K ohm, 150 ohm and 100 ohm resistors
2013-07-25 21.22.44.jpg
2013-07-25 21.24.34.jpg
2013-07-25 21.27.42.jpg
The 1K resistor is marked Brown Black Red, the 2.2K resistors are smaller.

Bend the leads and insert them as directed and then solder them in place. 

The 100 ohm and 150 ohm resistors go in the marked holes.


Step 7: Install the IR Receiver

Picture of Install the IR Receiver
2013-07-25 21.32.13.jpg
2013-07-25 21.32.17.jpg
2013-07-25 21.32.23.jpg
2013-07-25 21.32.37.jpg
Carefully bend the legs of the IR receiver using the edge of the table. 

Ensure that the bubble is on the TOP of the IR Receiver.

Step 8: Oops... forgot the green LED

Picture of Oops... forgot the green LED
Install the green LED with it's flat side the same as the drawing on the circuit board. 

Step 9: Install the battery pack

Picture of Install the battery pack
2013-07-25 21.34.36.jpg
2013-07-25 21.35.16.jpg
2013-07-25 21.35.35.jpg
2013-07-25 21.35.52.jpg
Peel off the sticky tape and install the battery pack (it only fits one way) being sure to leave some clear space under it so that you can slip the zip tie through to keep the batteries in place.

Step 10: Install the RGB LED

Picture of Install the RGB LED
2013-07-25 21.37.45.jpg
2013-07-25 21.37.53.jpg
2013-07-25 21.38.05.jpg
2013-07-25 21.38.34.jpg
2013-07-25 21.39.13.jpg
2013-07-25 21.40.53.jpg
Carefully bend all but the longest leg of the RGB LED away from the normal position. Look carefully at the pictures. 

Insert the longest leg in the hold marked with a stripe and solder only the longest leg in place.

Step 11: Solder the remaining 3 legs of the RGB LED

Picture of Solder the remaining 3 legs of the RGB LED
2013-07-25 21.44.14.jpg
2013-07-25 21.44.18.jpg
2013-07-25 21.44.25.jpg
Carefully heat and add solder to the intersection of the RGB leg and the adjacent leg of the resistors. 

Clip your leads when you're done.