Assembling the 8020 Chopper





Introduction: Assembling the 8020 Chopper

Step by step assembly guide.

Step 1: The Headset

Step 2: Attach Forks

You wan to make sure that there is sufficient pressure on the bearing cups, otherwise there will be play in the headset.

Step 3: Front Dropouts and Brake

Front dropouts - fairly obvious, but need to be well aligned for wheel to sit straight.

Step 4: Handlebars

Step 5: Attach Top and Downtubes

When attaching brackets, its a good idea to loosely tighten them because chances are they will need to be adjusted later.

Step 6: Seat Tube and Bottom Bracket

Step 7: Attach Top Tube to Seat Tube

Step 8: Rear Rails and Dropouts

Remember to put the chain inside the rear triangle before attaching the dropout.

Step 9: Mount the Rear Wheel

This is where you are going to make all of your geometry adjustments and tighten every thing down.

Step 10: Mount the Seat Braces



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    great project, I would have run the brake cable through the hole in the center of the 80/20

    What grade of 80/20 was used in this project ? 10, 15, 30 etc.

    Great photos, but you really do need to add more text. A picture does not really help anyone identify the possible problems in the process.

    I agree, you don't really explain too much what you are doing

    Hey dude! The bike is all kinds of awesome (+5!) , but I'd really really really like to know more about the 80/20 based CNC table in the back- it looks to me like it's a convertible plasma torch and wood router. I'm currently building an 80/20 based CNC machine. Cheers, Jim

    where did he get the seat, handlebars, and pedals from?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Its Beautiful!

    Alert! This bike, one of the very first Instructables projects, was stolen from Alameda, CA near Webster and Atlantic. If you see anyone riding it, take pictures and report it! There's even a reward!: 24' length of 8020!!!