This project is part of a series of instructables from ALL Power Labs showing how to create aHonda Accord that runs on trash. (note two years later.  there are much improved plans for building the GEK wood gasifier.  see http://www.gekgasifier.com for the most recently updated plans)

This portion of the project explains how to complete the final assembly and prepare the GEK gasifier for its first firing. The instructions assume you have completed the fabrication of all the basic GEK vessels, as was explained in the previous Instructable, Building the GEK

When you are finished with this Instructable, your GEK biomass gasifier will look like this.

Well, you might have to apply a bit of paint first. You are welcome to paint your GEK in any manner you like. Though we do suggest you use high temp paint, commonly found at any auto store. The 500F paint is fine. You do not need the 1200F paint

Once your paint is dry, there are seven components we'll be assembling:

- Gas Cowling
- Downdraft Reactor Insert
- Cyclone
- Pack Bed Filter
- Axial Fan
- Swirl Burner
- Fuel Hopper

The gas cowling, reactor and hopper bolt together into a single vertical assembly. The cyclone, packed bed filter and blower similarly bolt together into a single vertical assembly. These two assemblies attach together via the gas outlet flange to the cyclone. A soft hose attaches the blower to the swirl burner.

Step 1: Gas Cowling Assembly

Attach legs.

-Turn Cowling upside down. Slide legs over posts, tighten set screws.

Add ash port lid.

- While its upside down, Pull off two rows of weather stripping. lay onto cowling around
of ash port hole, on the inside of the bolts. Screw on wing nuts, hand tight.
-Turn upright.

Insert ash rotary grate

- Remove turning handle from ash grate, and slide ash grate into cowling, grate side up. Make sure 1.5" nipple fits through coupling in bottom of the cowling.
-Reach under cowling and screw on turning handle.

Ever thought about selling this in kit form?
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