Step by step documentation for building this camera mount to go on the book ripper outlined at bkrpr.org and shown here: bkrpr 1.0 flickr set.

Assembling the mount is pretty simple. You will need:

+ 2x - 3" to 5" long bolts/screws

+ 1x - 2" long bolt/screw

+ 1x - package of small washers

+ 1x mending plate

+ 8x - nuts (may come with the screws/bolts you buy)

+ 1x - bolt/screw cap (optional)

and some pliers and a screw diver

All nuts and bolts should be 1/4" in diameter with a thread count of 20. 20 thread count is also called "course" on some packaging. This is the diameter and thread count used for tripod screws and, while only one of the screws will actually be functioning as a tripod screw, 1/4" 20 thread screws are easy to find and it makes it easier to only have one standard for all the screws/bolts and washers/nuts.

For the mending plate, many sizes should work as long as you can get the 1/4" screws/bolts through the holes and there are enough holes to give you flexibility in where to place the camera. The one we use here is 3" long and has 4 holes.

Step 1: Step 1: First Bolt and Mounting Plate

Get out the mending plate and the shorter bolt. Screw one nut most of the way up the bolt, this will be our tripod bolt and screw directly into the camera.

We will be using nuts on either side of the mending plate to secure the screw's position so think of this first nut as half of a clamp that we're building around the stable base of the mending plate.
The second version of the camera mount is much simpler to put together and requires fewer parts while producing better results. Check out the flickr picture set for it for details: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/bkrpr/sets/72157621810460470/">http://www.flickr.com/photos/bkrpr/sets/72157621810460470/</a><br/>

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