The Raptor Reloaded is an updated release of the original that incorporates feedback from the e-NABLE community and has CAD design source files available in STEP, IGES, IPT, and F3D formats.

Updates in the 12-17-14 release include:

  • Improved print-ability due to custom modeled supports
  • Cyborg Beast compatible sizing
  • Improved dovetail geometry
  • New tensioner retention clip
  • Easier to use tensioner pins
  • Low profile elastics with two tie-off options
  • More access to elastic and flexsor routing channels
  • Debossed versioning information on palm and gauntlet
  • Slimmer, more anthropomorhpic fingers
  • Narrower knuckle block
  • More intuitive assembly (new one-way proximals)
  • Thorough documentation and modular design
  • Source files in native Fusion 360 format, also STEP and IGES
  • Additional velcro-mounting options as well as traditional velcro loop and leather options
  • Re-oriented snap-pin head recesses to improve printability
  • Knuckle pins are now removable, making the hand easy to repair and upgrade
  • Strengthened tie-bars on finger tips

Step 1: Size and Print the Parts, Secure Hardware

Download the latest Raptor Reloaded parts form Thingiverse. The files are ready to print as is and do not require additional support material as custom removable support structures have already been modeled into the palm and gauntlet files. If you do wish to print without the included support, files without support are also available on the Thingiverse page.

There are two main options for sizing the Raptor Reloaded:

Linear Scaling (easy)

The main measurement used in sizing the Raptor Reloaded is the width of the recipient's complete hand at the knuckles. At 100% scale, the palm of the Raptor Reloaded measures 55mm at its widest point. To get the appropriate linear scaling factor for scaling the STLs, add 5mm (to account for the thickness of padding in the printed palm) to the width of the recipient's complete hand at its widest point. Divide this number by 55 to get the scaling factor for the STLs. For example, if the palm is 65mm wide, then 65 + 5 = 70, and 70 / 55 = 1.27, so the scaling multiplier would be 1.27 or 127%. Make sure to apply the scaling factor to all of the parts to ensure that they fit together. At higher scales, the clearances between the moving parts of the hand will grow, so glue or other modifications may be necessary to ensure that all the pieces stay secured to each other.

Parametric (more involved):

Because radial and lateral clearances for motion assemblies are absolute, linear scaling can cause problems at large scales. For those with some CAD experience, the native Fusion 360 source files as well as STEP and IGES files are available here. Detailed technical drawings can be found on the github. For an introduction to modeling in Fusion 360, see the Getting Started in Fusion 360 page on enablingthefuture.org.

Recommended Printing Settings:

  • PLA (or ABS, PET, Nylon)
  • 0.2mm layers
  • 2 shells
  • 35% infill
  • Active cooling fan on

Additional Materials:

The Raptor Reloaded requires some additional hardware to assemble, most of which can be sourced from the Hardware Sources page on the e-NABLE website.

Is this device able to do fine grip functions?
<p>for I would fade with Solidworks design is not</p>
<p>Am I crazy or is that link not to a 2&quot; double sided velcro. I'm having a very hard time finding double sided velcro in this size. It's easy to find narrow strips for wrapping cables, but nothing close to 2&quot;. Anyone have any luck here?</p>
<p>What are the flat head stainless steel fasteners used in the picture?</p>
<p>At 100% scaling what lengths do I need for the tension screws and the velcro attachment screws?<br></p>
<p>did you get an answer to your question? I have the same question. What do I go to buy?</p>
<p>If I'm reading the instructions correctly, it looks like this is the answer to the question: &quot;At 100% scale, the tensioner pins are sized to receive M3 screws.&quot; (see step 6 above)</p>
<p>If I'm reading the instructions correctly, it looks like this is the answer to the question: &quot;At 100% scale, the tensioner pins are sized to receive M3 screws.&quot; (see step 6 above)</p>
<p>If I'm reading the instructions correctly, it looks like this is the answer to the question: &quot;At 100% scale, the tensioner pins are sized to receive M3 screws.&quot; (see step 6 above)</p>
<p>Congrats, nice model. I want to ask if someone knows what is the maximun linear scaling, i want to print this model, but for adults, so the factor will be much higher, is there a problem?</p>
<p>Did a first test print at 100%, worked pretty well except I needed a larger gap on the knuckle pins. I made a slight mod &amp; uploaded the new pin on Thingiverse, <a href="http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1140379." rel="nofollow">http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1140379.</a><br><br>Oddly this was probably one of my ugliest prints, in terms of roughness/gaps in the model, almost like my active cooling failed. I had to do some patching with a hot glue gun. I'm going to try some different settings &amp; see if it makes a difference, and I think I'll try printing components in smaller batches instead of the all-in-one print, to see if it makes a difference.</p>
<p>Hi, I'm assembling a 105% scale hand using the additional material kit from 3DUniverse. My problem is that the tensioner screws on the kit do not fit well the tensioner pins at this scale. I may need a #5 screw, and the kit comes with #4 and #6 screws. 3DUniverse support says that the Raptor Hand had files for different tensioner pin sizes, but I don't see this option for the Raptor Reload Hand. The #4 screws are sometimes loose and the #6 is almost the size of the pin. There is a comment on the Raptor Reloaded Thingiverse posting a solution, a scalable tensioner pin for the Raptor Reloaded (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1011300). Is this an e-NABLE approved solution? Thank you.</p>
<p>Very nicely done. Have you seen any instructions for finishing the build such as the straps and padding?</p>
<p>Instructions for the padding and straps are towards the end of the instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Assembly-of-e-NABLEs-Raptor-Reloaded-Hand/step8/Install-Padding-and-Straps-on-the-Gauntlet/</p>
<p>Thanks for posting the videos for the knots. I'm in process of tying and no way I could have done them consistently without the videos!</p>
<p>With thermomesh attached. Will be fitting it to the recipient tomorrow.<br>Thanks for the excellent Instructable!</p>
<p>My first build for the son of a friend. The experience convinced me to join e-NABLE as a maker.</p>
<p>Great job! </p>
<p>Wow. This is a great set of instructions. Thanks for putting together.</p>
<p>This is an incredible piece of work. Mere mortals stand in awe. ;-)</p>
<p>Excellent Instructable for the new design!</p>

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