Assistive Cutting board for one hand use for Disabled, elderly or ill.

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Step 1: What you are going to need.

Picture of What you are going to need.
-Cutting board (I got mine at Target for $8, it’s a 20” by 15”, the bigger the better because     you have more working surface. Don’t get a wood one because the big ones are way to     heavy for a person that would be using only one arm)
- Knife (the size of your knife should be relative to the size of your board, my knife is 8”.           Make sure the cutting part of the knife is flat, not curve)
-Wood screws or nails 2” (I used wood screws because they hold the food better but nails   are easier to clean, you decide)
-An extra piece of plastic at least 6” by 6” and ½” thick ( I used an acrylic sheet, this is for       the supports and holders you can replace this if you have a better material)
-Anti slide soft pads/ sugru (sugru works best)
- Two machine screws and nuts 1" 
-Dremel with cutting wheel and drilling bits (or any tool that you have that can do the same   job)
-Hot glue gun