Introduction: Assistive Door Locker

Picture of Assistive Door Locker

This project is simple, uses minimal tools, and in the end helps elderly and or disabled people lock their doors with ease.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed

This project is easy to do, and only minimal tools are needed.

You will need...

-Power Drill
-11/64 drill bit
-Wood scrap about and inch and a half long
-Small metal rod
-Piggy bank Cap
-Hot Glue gun

Step 2: Attaching the Cap

Picture of Attaching the Cap

To attach the piggy bank cap, apply hot glue to the end of the wood scrap, then firmly press the piggy bank cap into it. The reason a piggy bank cap is used, is just because of its groove. You can easily do this by cutting a notch that will fit a deadbolt handle in wood, I am just using what I have around.

Step 3: Assembling the Handle

Picture of Assembling the Handle

Take your drill with the 11/64 drill bit and drill a hole towards the opposite end of the wood (end without groove). Apply hot glue to the hole,  and press in metal rod - but not all the way through, creating an "L" shape (Picture 3).

Step 4: Finished

Picture of Finished

This simple tool - which can be made in minutes - will help and elderly or disable person with feeble hands, allowing them to lock their doors with ease. This tool can be adapted to your needs, and even be made entirely out of wood, feel free to base your ideas of this and post pictures in reply. 
Thank you.


LMMontalbano (author)2010-12-14

Nice hack. Although it would be nice if you answered peoples questions/concerns instead of just telling them to vote for you :/

Well it apparently worked for the duct tape bag!!!

hah lol

catfish23 (author)2010-12-01

This is amazing, I am not elderly or disabled, but those really small deadbolts are really pesky, especially when your hands are cold.

fallental (author)catfish232010-12-13

Thank you! Original design by my Grandpa, made out of pvc a while back. Please vote for me!

catfish23 (author)fallental2010-12-13

OF course I voted for you!

fallental (author)catfish232010-12-13

Thank you! Greatly appreciated!

canida (author)2010-11-30

Can you clarify what's going on?
After a thorough reading, I think you're using a notched L-shape to help turn a bar lock for a deadbolt, but a couple more sentences and maybe a picture of the lock without the assistive tool would help.

But still, a nice simple hack!

fallental (author)canida2010-12-13

Thank you, please vote! It would be appreciated much.

fallental (author)canida2010-11-30

Sorry about that, I will try to post a picture of the lock here soon.

thank you!

Ranie-K (author)2010-11-30

Would recommend a round styrofoam ball instead of long wood pieces. Make a slot for the key head, glue in place and wind some tape around the whole thing.

fallental (author)Ranie-K2010-12-13

If I had some sugru for a grip too that would be nice, Thanks for the feedback, please vote!

fallental (author)2010-11-30

Please vote on my other instructable! I really want to win, all votes are greatly appreciated!

ac1D (author)fallental2010-11-30

Lol, I lol'd so much at your duct tape tool tote that now I got to build one!

fallental (author)ac1D2010-12-02

Whats that supposed to mean?

ac1D (author)fallental2010-12-03

I found that your duct tape tool tote (the picture above) were really funny, so I am building one.

fallental (author)ac1D2010-12-03

I still don't get how its funny?

ac1D (author)fallental2010-12-04

Nvm, I understand myself ^^

kidproquo (author)ac1D2010-12-13

I understand you too.

fallental (author)kidproquo2010-12-13

Please vote for my entry! Thank you!

fallental (author)ac1D2010-12-13

Please vote for my entry! Thank you!

fallental (author)ac1D2010-12-01