Many people suffer form conditions that affect their hands, it could be arthritis, muscle pain, or any other disability that does not allow them to even hold a spoon when eating. This universal holder is design to help those people and make their life easier and more enjoyable. 
This is a very simple and cheap almost free project but extremely useful.

Step 1: What You Are Going to Need

A plastic package like the ones that a hard to open that has a nice big flat surface
Duct tape
Rubber bands
What a great 'ible! I am a nurse so I am always looking for ideas to make patients lives easier, this is perfect!
This little handy tool is so helpful, that I have posted a link to this Instructables on my blog at <br>http://wheelchairdecor.blogspot.com/<br><br>My blog specializes in helping physically limited people find helpful answers to daily challenges. If you would like to stop by, I'd like to hear what you think. You can leave a comment at the end of the post on my blog!<br>Thanks, Becky
Thanks really hope that it helps and check out my other tools they are really simple and cheap to do but very helpful.
I would like to post several of your helps over the next little while...<br>Thanks, Becky
God bless you, and your cool ideas :)
same to you and thanks

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