Picture of Asthma Inhaler Case
2014-02-20 16.21.31.jpg

I love having pretty things made from fabric I love, and my inhaler case is no exception. I really wanted something with stiff sides to protect the inhaler as much as possible, and this case was the result of my testing.

With the method outlined here, you too can make multiple inhaler pouches to suit your needs, and make them as individual as the person carrying them.

The inhaler I made this for measures 9.5cm x 6cm x 4cm. If yours is larger or smaller, then obviously scale the dimensions as required.

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Step 1: Preparation Of Materials

Picture of Preparation Of Materials

You need a firm fusible interfacing such as Vilene pelmet or extra firm, interior fabric, exterior fabric, and a fastening.

Exterior fabric:

  • 1 piece 13.5cm x 27cm

Interior fabric:

  • 1 piece 13.5cm x 9cm
  • 1 piece 13.5cm x 20cm

Fusible interfacing:

  • 1 piece 11.5cm x 25cm


  • 1 snap, strip of Velcro, button, or other fastening as desired

Step 2: Preparing The Interfacing

Picture of Preparing The Interfacing

Draw a line across the interfacing 7 cm down from one short edge, and 14cm down from the other short edge. There should be a space between these lines which measures 4cm (2a).

After this, draw 2 lines along the long edges, 2cm from these edges (2b).

Now you should have a series of boxes on the interfacing. You need to cut out the two which measure 2cm x 4cm (2c).

Step 3: Adding The Interfacing, Preparing The Fabric

Picture of Adding The Interfacing, Preparing The Fabric

On your exterior piece mark a line 1cm in from each edge (3a). These lines are to help you line up the interfacing.

Iron on the interfacing to the exterior piece (3b), then fold over the short edge nearest the notches you cut into the interfacing 1cm and iron in place (3c).

Take the long interior piece and fold it in half with right sides touching (3d). Once the fold is in place the fabric should measure 13.5cm x 10cm. Iron fold in place. Fold over the top edges wrong side to wrong side by 1cm and iron in place (3e & 3f).

Nice job! Love them both, but especially the RAINBOW!