wig - made from yellow yarn

headband - simple piece of leather strap

striped shirt - local purchase

shoulder armor - made from craft foam, spikes made from paper

leather skirt - material local purchase, cut to resemble skirt from movie

spikes - made from paper cones, covered with clear tape

bird skulls - printed and attached

fur boots - fur material wrapped around boots

arm bandage - ace bandage with leather strips

axe / shield - costume accessories

I wish you would do a ruffnut one because id love to dress up as it
<p>i love it,i will try to make it</p>
sorry if i offend u, but is it a boy or a girl?:)
a girl, lol, no problem
So cute! Great costume.
Oh my gosh! That costume is just awesome! I love your costume (and I love that movie)!!!
Gotta love the expressions!
So cute! And so simple... Great job!
This is awesome! I love seeing such simple materials turning into a costume like this. :D

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