Step 8: The Suit!

This part is pretty fun. It's great because I was able to imagine whatever I wanted to put on to the suit. I based it of a really big painters suit that was about 8 bucks from the hardware store.

I made up some elbow and knee patches out of silver lame and interfacing, making rippled waves with the sewing machine, then cleaning up the edges with a serger. I had to open the legs and the arms of the suit to sew down the patches.
<p>tyvm for the helmet guide, should be very useful. I've already bought white overalls (boiler suit) and had been planning to use an outdoor lighting post topper, but too expensive and time consuming, especially when shipping factored in. All the 'detail' will done with EL wire.</p>
I am going to use this method but instead im going to make a Koro Sensei head for a cosplay!!! Thanks so much!!!
<p>I'm curious about the bailing wire. Was the helmet not stiff enough to hold its shape when you finished? Did making the cut out compromise the integrity of the shape? Would love a little more information about why you thought it was necessary.</p>
<p>It did bow a little, but the wire helped. If I had more layers of paper, it may not have bowed.</p><p>If I was to do it all again, I would just fiberglass the whole helmet.</p>
<p>Hmm, I see. I've got the ball rolling with paper mache but maybe next I'll learn how to do fiberglass! Thanks!</p>
U could vacuum form a shield for the helmet
Thanks it was great idea and easy to make costume. I made a small changes and it was areal blast at the party
Thanks again
i want to wear this in a landscape made of cheese :D yayyyy!!!
<em>So good.</em>
I made a similar suit myself this year, but I decorated the suit to match Felix Baumgartner's suit.. =) I was going to put a slight twist to it though.. Going to,., because I found out my job wouldn't allow it this year... but anyhow.. I was going to put a nice big brown stain on the backside... =) So I got a suit but no where to wear it!
This is just awesome and I'm so glad you made a space gif for it!!!
Great space suit! <br> <br>I made a very similar one in 1973. I blew up a balloon and covered it with plaster, then pulled the balloon out and used the plaster mold to lay up a fiberglass helmet. I cut a big hole in it and bolted in a motorcycle bubble-style face plate, filled the gaps with body putty, sanded and painted it. They didn't have Tyvek painter's suits back then, but I found a silly exercise suit made of mylar (you're supposed to lose weight by excessive sweating) that worked pretty well. I wore welder's gloves and some old rain boots with it. <br> <br>When I wore it in public, I would take the helmet off and say &quot;One small step for a woman -- one giant step for womankind!&quot;
i LOVE this!!!! <br>
Out of this world!!! (Sorry, just had to do it....) So creative and fun and very well done, plus bering inexpensive, relatively easy, AND customizable!
x infinity
x2 <br /> <br />This is fabulous.

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