Picture of Astronomy Flashlight
For certain applications a red lensed flashlight can come in very useful. If you are looking at star charts or trying to get around the woods and want to not ruin your night vision, these are perfect.

This instructable makes one from parts you can find very easily and cheaply.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
For this instructable you will need:
1. LED flashlight, the one i used is from a walgreens, you can get these lights for much less on ebay, about 99 cents.
2. Red Photography Gel, This was free from a photo store down the street they give away sample packs to students.

Step 2: Take Apart Your Flashlight

Picture of Take Apart Your Flashlight
First you want to take apart your flash light, do this carefully, not all these lights are made to be disassembled.

Step 3: Cut The Gel

Picture of Cut The Gel
Cut the gel into a square that will fit into your lens. Then use the clear plastic from the flashlight to cut a circle the size of your lens.

Step 4: Rebuild Flashlight

Picture of Rebuild Flashlight

Step 5: Results

Picture of Results
Once the light is done go test it out, you should be able to see things and still have your night vision when the light turns off. If it seems too bright, you may need a deeper red.

This flashlight will be very useful on your next camping trip!
michaelgc1 year ago

Great Idea, think I will do this on a smaller edc light that I take camping with me...

i did this. except i couldnt get the photography gels so i used the plastic battery separator thingy that came with the flashlight. glad it was red haha
luvit5 years ago
this helps me run from the cops. works every time.
thepaul93 luvit5 years ago
How will this help you run from the cops?
sure... sure.
frenzy (author)  luvit5 years ago
i got 2 of these at Harbor Feight for 2.99 *(with coupon)
pdc47705 years ago
With white LEDs the light is turned pink rather than red. That means less protection for night vision. A torch fitted with one of the old incandescent bulbs is better. In Britain, look for Quality Street sweets (I think Americans call them candies?) with red cellophane wrappers that are perfect. Good excuse to eat sweets too.
onrust5 years ago
Great post. More people should use these.
plugable5 years ago
Very useful, I have though this project might be more expensive. Thanks for the info!
This is great! I've been looking everywhere for something like this.
Sephiros5 years ago
And why, pray tell, would you need such a thing in a bathroom?
To aim. :D
I'd imagine that, unless you're a ninja, you'd pee with the lights on. Of course, if you're a ninja, you could see in the dark, and you certainly wouldn't need this instructable.
I need one of these I never thought of this .. I thought of buying a flashlight and replacing the LED with red LEDS .. THis is easier and cheaper . Thanks :D