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Introduction: D-I-Y Wearables

Asymmetrical Modern 001 is an led-embedded dress designed to respond to changing luminosity data.

3lectromode holds the vision of innovating in the field of wearables by combining technology with customizable prêt-â-porter fashion. We aim to inspire a future where wearables are democratized, aestheticized, and performative.

NB: The step-by-step instructions can be found here .



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    What does "changing luminosity data" mean specifically? Can you tell us a little more about the inspiration for the project and how it came to fruition?

    Hi -

    The dress has a the arduino luminosity sensor - we've worked with testing the dress in different environments and light settings - so it's both structurally re-configurable (programmed for night or day wear) as well as responsive to the immediate light sources.

    The 3lectromode platform was inspired by the visible need to make wearables more accessible (financially and technically) to the public-at-large and the desire to have craft techniques (associated with the lilypad arduino, for example) professionalized (i.e. moving beyond "attaching" electronics to existing garments.)

    The 3lectromode designs use the circuit map as the aesthetics (patterns on the outside) of the dress while also providing a low-cost, easy to make, and fashionable wearable! Thanks for asking :)