Asymmetrical striped top and matching headband

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This top has an asymmetrical hem and flattering diagonal stripes. I made mine out of two unwanted shirts, but any knit fabrics would do nicely. 

The leftover scraps became a fun, braided headband that matches the top perfectly.
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Step 1: Cut your shirts into strips

Try to start out with really large, long shirts if you can. It's always nicer to have plenty of extra fabric to work with, and you'll be losing a little bit to seam allowances anyway. If you're using knit fabrics instead of shirts, cut the strips so that they stretch crosswise, and not lengthwise.

Select two coordinating t-shirts and cut off the sleeves, hem, and collar. Make lengthwise (hem to shoulder) strips out of the front and back of both t-shirts. 

I made strips that were 3 inches wide and 19 inches long. I needed 18 strips to make the top as long as I wanted it, but you can certainly keep adding and adding to make a dress! You could also cut wider or narrower strips to suit your taste, or even use three or four different shirts. 

Be sure to save those scraps from the sleeves; you'll need them in a few minutes.
amdtoad1 year ago
nataliana1 year ago
Love It! I'll try it soon!
SnazzyBot (author)  nataliana1 year ago
Thanks, and good luck!
scubacarl1 year ago
I like what you have done, keep on designing, and creating !
SnazzyBot (author)  scubacarl1 year ago
Glad you liked it! Thanks!
cdalton41 year ago
I love your shirt very awesome.
SnazzyBot (author)  cdalton41 year ago
Thank you!
saosport1 year ago
I love this great job. I am going to try and make one.
SnazzyBot (author)  saosport1 year ago
Awesome! I hope you have fun!
Thanks I am just learning to sew but this looks like something I could do
Those shirts are so cute! I like the one with the extra sleeve, it's very cute with the edging :) Very nicely done!
SnazzyBot (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Thank you! I prefer the extra sleeve, too. :)