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My desk is a little small, and for a messy, hoarding person like me, that means that I'm constantly needing more containers on my desk to hold small stuff, like paper clips, pins, etc. Because I'm also a massive Star Wars fan, I decided to get crafty with some popsicle sticks and make myself an AT-AT desk organizer. Hope all my fellow Star Wars geeks enjoy :)

Step 1: You Will Need

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  • Hot glue + hot glue gun
  • Notched popsicle sticks
  • Scissors
  • A lot of patience!

Step 2: Make the Body

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Decide how big you want the body of your AT-AT to be, and carefully notch your popsicle sticks into each other to create a rectangular frame. If you want the structure to be really stable, you can also reinforce the corners of the frame with some hot glue.

Step 3: Cut Off Extra Sides

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Using the scissors, cut off the protruding sides of frame to produce a rectangular box. Make sure the frame doesn't fall apart as you do this!

Step 4: Add the Bottom

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Measure out how many "widths" of popsicle sticks are needed to fill up the bottom body of your AT-AT. Then, adding hot glue to the sides of the popsicle sticks, glue together the bottom and attach it to the body, creating a box that you can actually put stuff in!

Step 5: Making the Feet

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The feet will provide a larger surface area for your AT-AT to stand on, making it more stable. Cut off small ends of 4 popsicle sticks (2 ends for each stick), and glue them together in pairs for 4 feet.

Step 6: Make the Legs

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Using the 4 popsicle sticks that you just cut the ends off for the feet, make the legs of the AT-AT. Cut each of the sticks in half, and hot glue the two together at an angle - these are the legs. When the glue has dried, glue the bottom of the legs to the feet, producing 4 upright legs that just need to be attached to the body.

Step 7: Glue Legs to Body

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Attach the legs to the body. Put some hot glue on the INSIDE of the top stick of the leg, and glue it to its respective place on the body (the box you made in the first couple steps). Before gluing however, make sure to check and mark down where to glue the four legs so that they are all the same length!

Step 8: Make the Head

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Cut off 6 more ends of the popsicle sticks - make these ones longer than the ends that you cut for the feet. Glue them together in pairs of 3. These are the sides of the head. Cut off 2 more shorter pieces of popsicle sticks to connect the two sides of the head together and serve as the nose.

Step 9: Connect Head and Body

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Look around your workspace for any two small sticks that you've cut off. If you don't, just cut into a new popsicle stick. Wedge these two sticks in between the sticks on the "front" on the body as shown in the first picture, like a neck. Then, take (or recut), two sticks the same length as the nose, sandwich the other side of the neck between them, and hot glue it together with the head, connecting it to the body.

Again, if you want to stabilize the structure, feel free to reinforce the connections with some hot glue. Now, you have 2 small boxes in which to place things - the body, and the head.

Step 10: Clean Up and Done!

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At this point, your AT-AT is basically done, just clean off any stray strands of glue, and start loading it up with small loose things on your desk. This project is a great way to decorate and organize your desk with some geeky Star Wars references!


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