At Home Blow Out





Introduction: At Home Blow Out

The secrets to achieving salon blow out results at home!

Step 1: Wash and Towel Dry.

You'll need:

1.) A round brush

2.) Blow dryer with a nozzle. (I love the Express Ion Dry by Paul Mitchell. Investing in a good hair dryer is a MUST and will make all the difference in the world!)

3.) Some clips.

4.) Root booster or styling mousse and some finishing oil. (These are optional but will help!)

After gathering your materials, wash your hair and give it a good towel dry. Rough dry it a bit with the dryer too just focusing on the roots for a couple minutes.

Step 2: Section Out Your Hair.

I like to divide my hair into three horizontal segments. One at the crown of my head, one from the crown to the bottom of ears, and the last from the bottom of the ears to the nape. Put the first two sections in a bun and secure with a clip. You can leave the bottom section down.

Step 3: Start With the Bottom Section.

Starting with the back section, and using a section no bigger than the size of your round brush, wrap your hair around the brush entirely. Start with the roots, then work the mid shaft, and then the ends. Make sure you are using tension when pulling the hair away from the head and positioning the dryer so that it's smoothing the hair.

Step 4: Move on to the Next Section.

Take the hair from the next section down. You are basically working your way around the head. Make sure that you are always pulling the brush though the hair in an upwards motion, so that you are getting maximum volume.

Step 5: Move on to the Crown of the Head.

The crown section is where volume is the most important so make sure you are using tension with the brush and directing the hair upwards. Start with the roots and blow dry from the back and from the front, moving your way to the mid-shaft and then the ends.

Step 6: Beautiful, Voluminous Hair!

Finish with some spray or argan oil and there you have it!



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    16 Discussions

    I made it!!! ohhh.... no. Wait, Now I remember, I'm bald!:)

    Very nice, anyway!:)

    excellent hair..i am having severe hairfall from last 2month..dont know how to stop

    3 replies

    actually i am working in chemical ind from long..but i didnt had this problem..its just from one month and very severe..also i lost abt 6kgs wt ...

    Ravi I think its normal to lose hair, it is part of the rejuvination of your cellar structure. Although stress uncontrolled can make you lose your hair.
    The good news is :your body is always growing new hairs, you can see them along the front of your forehead hair line..they are like baby hairs...:D

    1 reply

    thanks for such boosting n positive reply..actually its large..and just from one month..i try to put pic..


    ignore fred. your pretty. if I had hair I might even try it.

    1 reply

    The secret in getting voluminous hair is letting your chosen section cool on the round brush and not pulling the brush out before.
    If you havent done that, try this ... It may increase the volume :-)

    I thought this was going to be about fixing a flat tire. Great instructable anyway.

    I love it