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Purpose of a manicure

• Cosmetic- improves the appearance of the nails, cuticles and skin of the hand.
• Massage increases the blood and lymph circulation to the nails and skin bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to the area.
• Cleaning the nails.
• Nourishment to the cuticles and skin.
• Promotes nail growth.

Let’s get started!!!

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Step 1: Things you need:

Picture of Things you need:
  • nail cutters.
  • orange wood stick
  • nail polish remover
  • brush
  • cotton pads
  • massage cream
  • nail file
  • nail buff
  • towel
  • Vaseline/ cuticle cream (not shown in the picture)
  • conditioner (not shown in the picture)
wow! excellent ible! great beauty tips :)
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