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Purpose of a manicure

• Cosmetic- improves the appearance of the nails, cuticles and skin of the hand.
• Massage increases the blood and lymph circulation to the nails and skin bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to the area.
• Cleaning the nails.
• Nourishment to the cuticles and skin.
• Promotes nail growth.

Let’s get started!!!

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Step 1: Things you need:

Picture of Things you need:
  • nail cutters.
  • orange wood stick
  • nail polish remover
  • brush
  • cotton pads
  • massage cream
  • nail file
  • nail buff
  • towel
  • Vaseline/ cuticle cream (not shown in the picture)
  • conditioner (not shown in the picture)

Step 2: Step one:

Picture of Step one:
wash hands thoroughly and carefully and dry them sure to use the nail brush to clean beneath the free edge and in the grooves along the sides of the nail. Nails are somewhat porous and will become softer when wet. When they are wet they become more easily damaged

Step 3: Step two:

Picture of Step two:
Trim nails to the desired length. This is always a personal decision, some people like their nails longer, while others find that shorter nails better suite their lifestyle. Some people’s nails are thinner and more flimsy than others and cannot support more than minimal amount of length before they break. Begin with the little finger on each hand and work your way inward. The goal is uniformity.
wow! excellent ible! great beauty tips :)
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