Using fabric paint, freezer paper, and some ninja xacto skills, you can make your own handmade screenprinted clothes!

Step 1: The Supplies

For this project you’ll need something to screen print on, like a shirt or sweater, some fabric paint, an iron, freezer paper, a paintbrush, a design, and a really sharp xacto blade. Don't forget the sharp part...
<p>would compliments wax paper work? It looks too thin or risky</p>
<p>I had been making stencils for years for many purposes and when it came to clothes I used card and 'Pritt stick' (a water soluble glue that comes in a lipstick style tube) . This is far better. The wax paper works brilliant. It's so easy to cut and to make a perfect seal when ironed on. Thank you lots.</p>
<p>I'm new to this. What is freezer paper?</p>
its also stenciling
its also stenciling
THanks for this. I've looked at several tutorials and your seems the most do-able and inexpensive.
Question: Do you have to take off the design immediately after you paint, or can you wait til it dries? I'm such a klutz I'd be afraid of touching it after i was done.. <br />
This is by far the easiest tutorial I have seen on the net so far. Thanks, I will be trying this very soon.
Awesome! I've been looking for a way to do screen printing inexpensively but still come out with good quality. I was thinking about stenciling but didn't know how I should have approached it. Going to give this a try.<br><br>Question though: have you been able to reuse the stencil after the first use? Or is it a one time use thing because of how the freezer paper wax works with it?<br><br>Thanks :)
Process worked out great for me. Freezer paper gives a really sharp and clean edge. :)
Are there any alternatives to Freezer Paper?
While not actually screen printing, you could use this freezer paper stencil idea in conjunction with screen printing... which is cool. :)
This is beautiful, I needed an 'Ible like this for a project I wanted to work on. Thanks!
I believe the spray bottles of fabric paint are available at the large craft stores.. Nicely done &quot;ible&quot; with some great pics
hey a like it a lot!!! thanks<br />
cool! i've used a brush to stipple paint onto a shirt before, but i like the idea of using spray fabric paint! looks easier and faster. where did you get your spray fabric paint?<br /> <br />
i believe this proccess is just called stenciling <br />
Yeah, when I&nbsp;said this was &quot;at home&quot; screenprinting, I don't mean you're doing it literally. I just mean you can achieve the same effects at home, with household materials.<br />
How Extremely FunkyDO! Yes, I would also say not technically screenprinting (there's no screen) but I think I actually like it even MORE than screenprinting! Aside from the non-duplicability...but what a stunning one-off you've made!&nbsp;:)&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Sincere kudos to thee, o talented one. :)<br /> <br /> And spectacular design choices! :)<br />

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