Picture of At-home screenprinting
Using fabric paint, freezer paper, and some ninja xacto skills, you can make your own handmade screenprinted clothes!

Step 1: The supplies

Picture of The supplies
For this project you’ll need something to screen print on, like a shirt or sweater, some fabric paint, an iron, freezer paper, a paintbrush, a design, and a really sharp xacto blade. Don't forget the sharp part...
bertus52x115 months ago

I'm new to this. What is freezer paper?

sabu.dawdy1 year ago
its also stenciling
sabu.dawdy1 year ago
its also stenciling
THanks for this. I've looked at several tutorials and your seems the most do-able and inexpensive.
AluraDankk3 years ago
Question: Do you have to take off the design immediately after you paint, or can you wait til it dries? I'm such a klutz I'd be afraid of touching it after i was done..
Infra_red3 years ago
This is by far the easiest tutorial I have seen on the net so far. Thanks, I will be trying this very soon.
eallan3 years ago
Awesome! I've been looking for a way to do screen printing inexpensively but still come out with good quality. I was thinking about stenciling but didn't know how I should have approached it. Going to give this a try.

Question though: have you been able to reuse the stencil after the first use? Or is it a one time use thing because of how the freezer paper wax works with it?

Thanks :)
Process worked out great for me. Freezer paper gives a really sharp and clean edge. :)
led zep stencil done.jpg
TehGoatLord4 years ago
Are there any alternatives to Freezer Paper?
rasterweb4 years ago
While not actually screen printing, you could use this freezer paper stencil idea in conjunction with screen printing... which is cool. :)
0jack4 years ago
This is beautiful, I needed an 'Ible like this for a project I wanted to work on. Thanks!
l8nite4 years ago
I believe the spray bottles of fabric paint are available at the large craft stores.. Nicely done "ible" with some great pics
Ngendrer5 years ago
hey a like it a lot!!! thanks
anotherway5 years ago
cool! i've used a brush to stipple paint onto a shirt before, but i like the idea of using spray fabric paint! looks easier and faster. where did you get your spray fabric paint?

siedpe135 years ago
i believe this proccess is just called stenciling
UrbanThreads (author)  siedpe135 years ago
Yeah, when I said this was "at home" screenprinting, I don't mean you're doing it literally. I just mean you can achieve the same effects at home, with household materials.
Jyssa5 years ago
How Extremely FunkyDO! Yes, I would also say not technically screenprinting (there's no screen) but I think I actually like it even MORE than screenprinting! Aside from the non-duplicability...but what a stunning one-off you've made! :) 

Sincere kudos to thee, o talented one. :)

And spectacular design choices! :)