I enjoy bringing out the old atari 2600 for some classic Pacman or Missile Command but I can't play my copy of Breakout without a paddle controller. To solve this horrible dilemma I thought would be fun to make one since Atari hardware can be a bit difficult and expensive to get your hands on in Australia. Considering the circuitry is so basic, why build just a paddle when I can integrate multiple controllers into an epic combo. This design combines the joystick, paddle and keypad controllers into a single compact unit. Take a look at this short video I made of the build process.

If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to my Youtube channel for more projects. The controller consists of two sections. A combined joystick / paddle controller and a keypad controller. The former has a permanently attached cable as it's always used and the keypad portion has a removable cable. This controller works on the Atari Flashback as well.

Step 1: Parts Required

Joystick / Paddle parts:
  • Case - I used a small wooden craft box but a plastic electronics enclosure will also work well.
  • DE-9 Female Connector and Housing - The Atari controller port uses a standard DE-9 connector.
  • Ethernet Cable - Eight connections are needed which a cheap, readily available ethernet cable can provide.
  • Joystick - I salvaged mine from an old Sony arcade controller but any arcade joystick will do.
  • Pushbutton - Normally open, momentary on.
  • 1 Megaohm Linear Potentiometer- A pot knob will finish off the look.
  • Toggle Switch - SPDT.
Keypad parts:
  • 1x Male & 2x Female DE-9 Connectors - Used for the detachable cable. If you permanently mount it just a single DE-9 female is required.
  • Ethernet Cable
  • 12x Tact Switches - Through hole switches with a plastic cap.
  • Perfboard - A suitable mounting surface for the switches
Hate to say so, but the fire button is on the wrong side. The design is very clunky.
Its not clunky, its rugged ;) <br>But yeah I'd put the fire button in the upper left corner like the original stick. Nothing that says you can't, its just a hole and a different joystick mechanism, a smaller one that'll give you room to put the button where you want it.
The design is clunky?!? THIS DESIGN?!??!?!!?! You realize that this is for the ATARI and the entire thing is clunky, yeah? I mean it's a plastic box with some switches and a cartidge slot on the top... Clunky he says. Sheeeeeeeesh. What a grouch. Also, you signed up to give THAT comment? Cripes... <br> <br>

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