Picture of Atari Joystick Jewelry Box

Keep your jewelry or random trinkets in style* with this Atari box!

*Disclaimer: May only be considered stylish by a small, but fantastic, subpopulatonSpace invader not included.
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Step 1: Materials and Preparation

Picture of Materials and Preparation

Wood glue

1/4" Walnut (Box top and sides)
  • 1 piece - 3 1/2" by 4"
  • 1 piece - 3" by 3 1/2"
  • 4 pieces - 3 1/2" by 1 3/4" by - Cut with mitre saw
1/2" Walnut (Box base)
  • 3 1/2" by 4"
1/8" Cherry (Bottom of top section)
  • 3 1/8" by 3 1/2"
3/4" Purple heartwood dowel (Button and stick)
  • 1/4" piece
  • 3 1/2" long
Walnut veneer (Center circle and middle rings)
Cherry veneer (Top markings)

Mitre Saw
Hole saw

Step 2: Chisel Box Sides

Picture of Chisel Box Sides

Cut sides so that the top will slightly overlap the bottom section of the box.
  • Cut each of the 4 side pieces in half
  • Cut 1/8' of length from the bottom four pieces
  • Chisel out 1/4" from the inside of top 4 pieces
  • Chisel out 3/8" from outside side of the 4 bottom pieces

Step 3: Stick and Button

Picture of Stick and Button

Purple heartwood adds a bit of color without the need for paint or stain.
  • Sand the 1/4" disc cut from the dowel.  This will be the joystick button.
  • To replicate the hexagonal shape of the stick, put 3 1/2" dowel in vise and chisel down to have six even sides. 

Step 4: Center

Picture of Center

Center piece
  • Cut out a circle 3" in diameter and tab to create the shape on the base of the joystick
  • Use this template to trace on the walnut veneer (2 pieces)
  • Cut out and glue together
  • Glue veneer circle on the top piece
  • Mark center and drill out with a 3/4" hole saw

where did you find the purple heartwood dowel. if you found it online could you give the site? i just can't find it.
annahowardshaw (author)  bob.the.devil3 years ago
Just on eBay - there was a seller with 3/4" diameter dowels 36" long ($18.00 for 6) . However, you could also check for round pen blanks or cut off pieces to find smaller pieces for less.
SHIFT!4 years ago
Amazing job! If I had a girlfriend I'd totally build a miniature version of this as a marriage proposal ring box!
Beautiful! GREAT job, I make jewelry boxes too!
Now you should flock the inside of the box.

Stuff really works GREAT!
Yeah, Atari joystick isn't the first thing that comes to mind...........:)
seamster4 years ago
My kind of jewelry box!
Before I opened this, I thought it was one of your projects.
annahowardshaw (author)  fungus amungus4 years ago
I hope you mean that in a good way : )

Ha! That's pretty funny.
mary candy4 years ago
very cool !
Great job!
metallisch4 years ago
This is amazing. You are amazing.