Step 5: The Atari Punk Module

follow the schematic for the second monostable half of the atari punk console, connecting the ground to the ground on the piano ic and the power to pin 8 through a switch so it can be turned of if not wanted in the music. Pin 2 is connected to pin 3 on the piano ic with a jumper wire under the board. I used a 100k instead of a 500k pot. as i think it makes a better sound and i put it on the left side to the board although I would recommend that you put it next to the other potentiometer so it is easier to play with one hand, I glued the second speaker to the top of the board and to make it neater I put the wires from the speaker down into the board and connected them to pin 3 and ground using jumpers under the board

EDIT: the picture is not mine, it is from http://www.robthefiddler.com/
<p>i made something similar for school last year, it was too funny :)</p>
<p>Made one of these tonight. Great fun. I added a filter and delay to it and it's epic. The tools of the trade for the power electronics and harsh noise wall pioneer...<br><br>Also just fun to play about with. Stick it into a sampler and you've got an endless supply of NIN - year zero / venetian snares type sonics to mess around with.<br><br>Love it :)</p>
<p>please draw the complete circuit :)</p>
<p>wow~ awesome!!! im so interested this organ. can i get a blueprint?</p><p>i wanna make it. my email add is yeohwan07@gmail.com</p>
<p>Hi, I'm so interested in this project. I want to make one for me but I want to ask you some questions. First if you have more pictures of the circuits, because I don't understand how are conected some parts of the system. Second, how are connected the speakers? Because I want to make maybe, my own array of speakers or let an output to connect a 3.5 jack. And maybe, I will make a pre amp for the organ. Thaks for this great project.</p>
<p>hey dude? what if i remove the atari punk part of the circuit? what do i change in this circuit? :) this would be a great help for our electronics project! :D</p>
<p>if you want to remove the atari punk part in the circuit, you can use this simple circuit, the simple toy organ</p>
<p>hey dude? what if i remove the atari punk part of the circuit? what do i change in this circuit? :) this would be a great help for our electronics project! :D</p>
Can you send me the blueprint to this??<br/>It would help a lot.
What's the monostable bit for?
Please can the topic starter or anybody help me out with the circuit diagram for the entire organ ! Please <br>Please help me asap I am opting this for my College project.
Is there any way I could get a schematic of the whole project not just two different? Nice project Btw, i liked your loved your last one.
Excuse me, but the picture in step 5 is mine. I don't appreciate it's use without my permission. The least you could've done was give me credit.
im sorry, i got it off a website called synthtopia and it has a link on the picture to robthefiddler.com that i presume it was on first, i thought that the link on the picture was enough credit but i will give credit to the website in the instructable
well, the picture isn't entirely mine, but I have made modifications to it (the output terminals and the coloured resistor. Here is the original page from www.robthefinder.com: <a href="http://www.robthefiddler.com/electronics-audio-diy/circuit-experiments/atari-punk-console/" rel="nofollow">link</a>. You may notice that the resistor is not colored, and there is no ground for the output.
you didnt give credit to him at all, and what you changed is allmost negligable
the link in the picture is his/her credit, but you still took the picture directly from my instructable.
i assumed that you made it, i didnt bother to look that your username was different
Okay, it's fine. But you should always PM the member before using a picture from the instructable.
i will do in future
I like it! I used to make 555 noise makers all the time. I never made one this elaborate though. One thing I have found making audio oscillators with 555s is the capacitor you use to trigger them really matters. As in the same values of different types can get you different sounds. I know it doesn't sound like it makes much sense, but I've noticed a dramatic difference in tones myself.<br> <br> My favorite capacitors were these clear plastic ones what I could see the silvery foil inside. They just sounded the best to me. Try ripping apart a bunch of old radios, I think that is where I got mine from. I'm not sure if they are available to buy today, or even what they are called if they were.<br> <br> They might be polystyrene though. yes, this is them:<br> <br> <a href="http://praudio.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/polystyrene-caps-pic1-500-85.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://praudio.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/polystyrene-caps-pic1-500-85.jpg</a><br> <br> Some of those can sound really good. Electrolytic can caps are kind of nasty. Maybe you can put in a rotary switch where you can change the capacitors you use? I've made 555 timer things like that. It is pretty cool.<br> <br> <br> <br>
yeah the rotary switch im using has 6 pins and im only using 3 so ill probably add some more capacitors to it at some point
If you can find any clear polystyrene ones check them out.

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