Step 2: Parts and Tools

You will need:
       An old, simple joystick
       A switch (the cooler looking the better just as long as its SPST.)
       A 9v batter clip
       A mono audio jack (I went with 1/8" but you could go with 1/4" if you want to hook it up to a guitar amp.)
       Some hook-up wire (different colors help keep track of things but are not totally necessary, although you should use stranded and not solid as it is much easier to make fit in small places.)     
          1K ohm
          10K ohm
          4.7K ohm
       2 Potentiometers (to determine what type you need, you take the value of the potentiometers in your joystick and subtract that number from 470k. You don't have to be very exact with this; I have up to 1m ohm potentiometers and they work just fine if you cannot get it exact, though you will want to go with more resistance as opposed to less)
          10uf electrolytic
          100 nf (.1uf) ceramic (I didn't have one so I used two .047uf caps; it was close enough)
          10 nf (.01uf) ceramic
       A 556 timer

Not Pictured:

       A proto board (any kind will do as long as it fits in your joystick)
       A 9 volt battery


A multimeter
A soldering iron


A drill

Drill bits

Wire strippers/cutters

Measuring tools (a ruler will work fine)

A rotary tool such as a Dremel


Congratulations on a well deserved grand prize! Great job!
thanks everyone!
Congratulations! Grand prize winner!
Congratulations on being a finalist in the DIY Audio Contest!! Good luck to you!
If anyone in the Chicago land area is interested in using this for live shows or for any sort of music thing I would be happy to give one of these to you (although they are pretty easy to make on your own), all i would ask in return is that you vote on it and that if you do anything with it such as a video or a live performance you let me know.
just send me a message if you're interested. I'm not a musician I just like making things.
Very nice build.
That's cool and would be highly useful, although I also like its shape.
Nice deffo good for live performance
That would be fun for live performance :)

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