Step 4: Preparing the Joystick

Make Space:
     First I cut off the serial cable that would have hooked up to a computer. I then removed the potentiometer that does not get used. Then I used a rotary tool to take out some of the plastic supports inside of the joystick to make room for the potentiometers, switch, board, and battery.

Drill Some Holes:
You will want to measure your switch, jack, and potentiometers to determine what size holes they will need. If you got them from Radio Shack it will probably say on the back side of the package what size holes you will need. Then you want to determine where you have space on the inside and translate that to the outside and mark where they will go. There is no wrong way to do this just so long as everything fits.

Mount it:
     Once you have the holes drilled you can go ahead and start mounting things.