Step 5: Hook It Up

Now that you have everything prepared, you can start hooking and soldering everything together. I like to start by soldering everything in place that I can before putting the main board in. So you can start by hooking the battery clip to the input and ground of the illuminated switch. Then you can hook the output of the switch up to R1 and R3, and hook R1 and R3 to R2 and R4 respectively. You can also go ahead and solder one of the wires from the "fire" switch to the audio-out jack as well as the ground from the battery. Once you have that done you just need to put in the board you made and hook the X and Y axis series of potentiometers of the audio out to the remaining wire for the "fire" switch, and the 9 volt input to the power switch. 
Congratulations on a well deserved grand prize! Great job!
thanks everyone!
Congratulations! Grand prize winner!
Congratulations on being a finalist in the DIY Audio Contest!! Good luck to you!
If anyone in the Chicago land area is interested in using this for live shows or for any sort of music thing I would be happy to give one of these to you (although they are pretty easy to make on your own), all i would ask in return is that you vote on it and that if you do anything with it such as a video or a live performance you let me know.
just send me a message if you're interested. I'm not a musician I just like making things.
Very nice build.
That's cool and would be highly useful, although I also like its shape.
Nice deffo good for live performance
That would be fun for live performance :)

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