Ive been on instructables for a few years but I never got along to making one. Last week i decided to make a dock for my new iPod Touch, so I figured that i could try making an instructable for it.

Step 1: Supplies

To make the dock you will need the following:
atari game
philips head screwdriver (X head)
flat file & round file (i couldnt find these for the picture)
ipod usb cord (the new one without the release buttons)
glue (i used gorilla glue)
x-acto knife
metal shears (couldnt find these for the picture either)
my atari games aren't like that, I think you are using an atari 5200 game, am I correct?
oops, yeah they are atari 5200 games sorry
great instructable, i made one of these yesterday and it works great keep up the good work
thanks :)
no problem

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