Atlatls and darts are items that are easy to make, pretty much anyone can knock one up in a relatively short time - But... there is a big difference between a stick with a hook and a well crafted Atlatl!! For more information on How To visit; www.nottinghamatlatl.com Or drop me a message on Joe@nottinghamatlatl.com  - However, for those of you that would like to make your own, here is the instructable for a DIY Atlatl...

Step 1: Materials...

Materials can be as varied as your imagination allows, I personally like to keep things as natural as possible wherever possible. Typically the equipment needed is as follows; 1) WOOD, while there is nothing wrong with using a length of 2x4 from your local DIY store, why not have a look around out in your local forest and choose something with a nice shape to it, let the wood dictate the shape and work with its natural curves and grain. It is a good idea to age the wood before using it, but this is not essential 2) BINDINGS - real or synthetic sinew, waxed cord, upholstery twine. 3) FIXINGS - Pine or epoxy resin. 4) HANDLE - either carve it from the wood or bind it with leather or jute cord, overlay it with bone or antler etc. 5) SPUR - carved from wood, bone, antler, stone etc. These are the main things to be thinking about. Of course, you will need some decent carving knives - anything will do as long as it is razor sharp.
<p>BLIMMEN WELL DONE!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>I like it!! Very nice!!! Really looking forward to the dart 'ible as well.</p>
See Triumphman's Atlatl Instuctable..
Hi H2o4u72,<br/>No problem at all!
Hi mattakers, strictly speaking the Atlatl is a 'system' made of two parts - as I'm sure you are aware Atlatl crudely translates as 'spear thrower'; the 'handle' part being the Atlatl. Of course technically the projectile used is not strictly a spear and classed rather as a dart - for a myriad of reasons. Although the ideas and translations of the system vary widely depending upon which school of thought you follow. In short, the dart is not the atlatl, but the projectile; hence the term 'Atlatl and dart. Thank you for your comment though.
Yeah that does help<br/>Thanks!
The atlatl is the dart.
Hi there matey,<br/>It's actually a full tang heavy duty military grade combat knife, along its spine it is 8cm thick, I spent a lot of time with my sharpening kit working it to a razor edge (half way through making a handle for it out of antler). Hope that helps!
What kind of knife are you using in the first picture?

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