This instructable shows, how to do your own development board for Atmega16 or Atmega32 processors.The Internet is full of home made development boards, but I think that, there is room left for another one. This board have been very useful on my projects and I actually designed and made it to serve one of my project.

What it offers?

- ISP-connector.
- Adjustable reference voltage for AREF with trimmer.
- 8 leds connected PORTA with removable jumpers, so you can use leds also with another ports.
- Spike bars for PORTA, PORTB, PORTC and PORTD.
- Modified spike bar for LCD-screen (4 bit)
- rs232 serial port connector
- Removable rs232 module
- Regulated 5V

What you will need? (parts for main board)

- 1x Atmega16 or Atmega32 processor
- 1x crystal (It is your choice how many Mhz it will be)
- 2x 27 pF capacitors for crystal
- 1x 7805 voltage regulator
- 1x 47uF 16V capacitor
- 3x 100nF capacitor
- 1x DC-jack 2,1mm or 2,5mm (what ever you want use)
- 1x 1K potentiometer
- 8x led (any colour)
- 8x 330 Ohm resistors
- lot of spike bars

Parts for rs232 module

- Max232 IC
- 4x 0,1uF capacitors
- 2x led (green and red)
- 2x 330 Ohm resistors
- Spike bar
- D9-connector

Step 1: The Circuit Boards

There is circuits from the both boards and the pdf-file contains print out files from these boards. You can etch your boards from these pictures. The zip-file contains all Eagle-files from these boards. Feel free to modify these how do you want.
<p>Is that capacitor or Inductor connected to LCD </p>
&nbsp;Great instructable !<br /> I just purchased my new ATMEGA168 but can't seem to get it to load my first program .. I would be happy if you could give me a hand .<br /> I&nbsp;have the RS232 (MAX) adaptor connected to my PC&nbsp;and tested (loopback) .<br /> I&nbsp;just connected the VCC&nbsp;and GDM and tryed to send it a simple &quot;blink LED&quot; program with no sucsess .<br /> I assume when I buy a new deice it is set to internal clock (as in DS) .<br /> I assume it works by default in the RS232 in 9600 (8N1 - no hw ).<br /> Any tips ?
HEY! I have a LCD screen, i need to hook it up to a Arduino using only three wires. One for Vcc, another for ground, and the last one for Com (or data). Any suggestions?

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